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    I literally just posted why I was banned. I called a group of people terrorists (I am muting the group name to avoid causing an issue) . I had said less politically correct things in the past, and had been reprimanded that (although my jokes were very funny, not mildly amusing). IMO, the reason of my banning was unjustified and unfulfilling. I wasn't trying to be banned for calling out the group as terrorists, I was trying to express a geo-political opinion about an ongoing situation. If I had wanted to be banned, I would have said something very funny, as that is the type of comment that is actually worth getting banned over.

    Again, I don't actually mind I was banned; more-so I didn't agree with the manner I was banned in. The action that caused me to get banned wasn't a ban-able offense (or even a warning really) imo. At least ban me for the reason of aggregate inappropriate behavior, not as a knee jerk reaction to something that shouldn't have been bannable.

    As for myself however, I don't believe in banning people for using constitutionally protected speech. I do believe in banning for harassment and bullying, two much larger issues.

    I also believe that people spreading false information (especially Beth, who said that I was joining his discord server as inappropriate names flaming him specifically) are acting immorally. Beth had no proof that I was joining his discord server and flaming him with inappropriate names, yet he told all his followers (see Gabe's earlier comments) that I did so. I've never directly bullied / picked on Beth or others until after I was banned from discord, (i had my own reasons). I never made a new account to join the discord; i am well known for not using alts (i only have 1) and the fact that I was supposed to receive an IN GAME ban for "flaming the discord with fake accounts" shows that Beth has wayyyy too much power.

    My plan was much more diabolical than posting stupid flame accounts to Beth's circlejerkscord; I plan to make an entirely new discord, that has all the features of Beth's discord (including patch notes) as well as new & improved bot that connects to Mike Lin's database exclusively in my discord server. Beth could join the discord, but he would be labeled as "ex-mod" (this would be the final reward, having Beth bow knee). Discord link to come (although I have been far too busy to care about this plan recently)
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    I love how private companies love to shoot their mouths off about this or that while banning anyone who disagrees with them. Their bans don't protect the public space, they just serve to protect their own egos. Cowards. All of them. They really should just s.t.f.u. and sell their widgets.
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    Serves to protect the global banking industry. It's a directive coming from the top, the cabal that chooses those who get funding and those who do not. The smaller companies that follow in the foot steps of the industry leaders.... yeah I don't understand that phenomenon either. Maybe just brainwashed.
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    Ive said multiple times my phone auto corrects the name Eth to Beth (I use swype) and I refuse to add Eth to my phones' dictionary. It's nothing personal, but I can't be bothered to fix it.
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    BullShido ;) That's a lame excuse and full credit to those who have chosen to ignore the transgression which to be fair is again mildly amusing.

    As an addendum to my original post and to return somewhere back to the topic's original theme here is a very interesting podcast.

    Dr. Robert Malone, Inventor of mRNA technology discusses the Spike Protein.

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    In summary of the above link.

    The spike protein IS cytotoxic and opens the blood brain barrier. Free spike circulation was detected up to a month after vaccination with Moderna.

    Disclosure of Pfizer's common technical document reveals only partial reproductive toxicology studies and no genotoxicology study.

    A non rigorous, non clinical mouse study, showed the engineered novel synthetic lipid used to transport RNA to target cells, collected in ovaries (12%) but not in the testes after delivery.

    Substances that are genotoxic may bind directly to DNA or act indirectly leading to DNA damage by affecting enzymes involved in DNA replication, thereby causing mutations which may or may not lead to cancer or birth defects.

    Serious questions in regards to bioethics in human subject research need to be addressed.
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    A discussion on the detection of S1 proteins within non-classical monocytes (white blood cells) and effective management protocols.
    NCM's can have pro-inflammatory behavior and secrete inflammatory cytokines in response to infection.

    Spike Proteins In Immune Cells - Dr. Bruce Patterson Discusses COVID Long Haul

    Management Protocol for Long Haul COVID-19 Syndrome (LHCS)
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    How can you take that "article"seriously? those the conspiracy-theory-fueled rants of a madman that believes he's some kind of envoy that is gifted with the truth. See this quote:

    first it refers to a great battle like in a CW series. Then it makes you think that this person was never ill, never had a cough or a infection, otherwise is hard to understand what he says next. Then, he thinks a building is a miracle, which is kind of heretic, otherwise the builder would be a saint or at least canonized. Then it mentions Bill Gates for some reason and scoffs at the concept that pathogens reside on surfaces or other humans, which you can clearly see with a microscope, for example. Like, where do they live if not in those places? 5G antennas?

    I read a bit of it but it keeps ranting so I don't discard the possibility that 5G antennas are mentioned in the article.
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    As I said an interesting read, the author's own personal opinions were not why I posted the link.

    It provides a good insight into the inventor and his opinion on the subject of PCR testing.

    ranting I find no more objectionable than your own, it's just some more disinformation to deal with.

    If after all that i have posted your only objections are those, then thanks at least for the response as it's been almost a week without any other comments.

    As for the 5G antenna I think u know where that can go.
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    The honest truth is that I only skimmed the article I cited and ignored the rest. But the truth is that is really hard to take these articles seriously when they make painfully clear that they are promoting a sensationalist agenda in which the claims vary from covid being nonexistant, to being purposefully built to slave humankind, and so on. This is of course ignoring the fact that the amount of dead people across the world is staggering, that at any point you could constate the ICU wards being full, and a lot of other evidence that is and was on plain sight this whole time. The level of ridiculousness of some claims are also off the charts.


    "Virus are actually trying to protect us" - this is a stupid claim, plain and simple, virus are incapable of "trying to protect us" or even "trying to kill us" they just go their life cycle trying to replicate themselves, this usually ends up in a health situation for the host more akin to "trying to kill us" if you want to use those words.

    So if you feel what I am saying is on the level of this woman's madness, please confirm so I can go and get some kind of treatment.
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    Firstly I don't consider either of you as mad in terms of sanity, rather mad as in angry, and quite rightly so.

    Clearly viruses are not "alive", they're basically just strings or balls of protein that require actual living cells to replicate and don't "try" to do anything.

    The bio-chemical symbiotic relationship is complex and broadly could be considered to observe the laws of survival of the fittest, which may be to what she was referring in those statements.

    Our immune system as a race has generally benefitted overall from continual interaction and adaption to "wild" naturally mutating viruses in the environment.

    This may not even be relevant, if the following hypothesis Dr. Steven Quay and Dr. Richard Muller have put forward, should prove to be accurate.

    GOP Medical Witnesses: COVID-19 'Exactly What You'd Expect If You'd Gone Through Gain-Of-Function'

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    The results don't matter if your methodology is flawed; whether you're an "expert" or not.

    If the "expert testimony" is simply: "my methodology isn't flawed and here are my results." That would not be "hard evidence." Without proving the methodology is correct (control tests, for example), you don't have anything good. The question is, what is the "hard evidence" that PCR tests are NOT flawed? And if they are, why are they being used?

    This is wrong. While PCR tests are not the only methodology generally used, in terms of "cases" a positive PCR test is enough to determine a "case." While this may not imply someone being treated for COVID-19 at the time, it DOES impact statistics given, including "death" statistics. And those statistics are in turn used to drive policy., since those merely refer to those that died when having recently (or post-mortem) been a recipient of a "positive" result. It is also used as justification for isolating and potential quarantines, though some nations have ruled against this over time.

    If PCR tests are inherently flawed (giving false positives and/or negatives) than their usefulness as "evidence" is voided.

    Largely irrelevant to the question at hand, which is about the accuracy of PCR testing rather than whether or not COVID exists. That said, I've yet to hear of an independent isolation of the virus SARS-2 outside of China; but rather it, (and the "vaccine") being based on a model of what they think looks similar to it based on what the WHO and China gave out regarding it's genetic sequencing.
    Neither am I. Generall though, one would think that the methodology of determining sequencing would be public and verifiable by other micro-biologists though. So far, what I've seen is a sequencing of Covid offered, but not much in the way of an explanation of how they got it outside "China gave it to us." Given the rather extreme measures that Australia (and New Zealand for that matter) have gone to in response to the threat, I'm not sure how reliable this video will be at providing solid evidence, but I thank you for sharing it regardless.

    And this, though it sadly does not provide the information I'd want, there are at least some references which can potentially be followed up on that might.
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    Fascism is the combination of government and corporate interest (supposedly for the state, but if the prime example of fascism [Italy circa 1930's give or take a decade] is any indication that's often a facade for personal power and justifying authoritarianism with corporate and government collussion). It's the other side of the coin of socialism, which also combines corporate and government interest (supposedly for the people... but see above). In other words, no, PoxNora forums banning someone would not inherently be fascism, but yes fascism can (and often is) be carried out by businesses. But this is slightly off-topic.

    I disagree, so I'm gonna debate you on this! Clearly there's lots that's worthy of debate!

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    The magnitude of the data you request requires a super computer to process.

    Which is why I said consult an expert, unless of course you consider them capable of deception and willing to put their career and academic reputations in jeopardy just to promote a conspiracy.

    Here is a lecture on methodology and it's about as simple as I could find.

    DNA sequencing methods
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    Which is why everyone needs to rely on "experts"... to a degree. That said, I don't think it would actually require a computer much more capable than what I have, even if what I have would take longer to process it. There are other barriers, such as the need to "buy" some studies to be able to properly read them. Again, a large part of why people aren't "double-checking" whether proper methodology was followed to determine both the Genome Sequence that the vaccines and PCR tests are based on for COVID (how many groups had independant isolates found to have a "clean" sample to sequence and check what China sent out to the world?), let alone the accuracy and validity of PCR tests as a means of determining whether or not someone has a case.

    I have, actually, so far, none of them have been able to produce the "hard evidence" either. Though to be fair, a number of experts I've consulted have actually been against PCR testing, and the general way this pandemic has been handled... some in the process risking their job... so whether for "deception" or not at least some people are willing to risk their reputations and such to promote a different view of the subject.

    To be clear, I think you're basic assumptions are off-base. Whether intentionally promoting deception or not, the general scheme of things is that one is more likely to risk their reputation and/or job for going against the prevailing narrative pushed by media and big tech companies, as they have appointed themselves the arbiters of truth. As long as there are still any "authoritative" sources to "debunk" someone's claims that go contrary to prevailing narrative, those tend to get favorable treatment and others suppressed and harassed and ridiculed.

    This is hardly a new phenomenon, but when it comes to what people are capable of... I'd say most people want to be "left alone" and thus do their best to avoid conflict. It's why you have people line John Cena trying to apologize in Chinese about the "grave insult" of calling Taiwan a country. It's not likely because he'd actually care about the CCP's feelings... but the CCP can have a negative impact on his acting career, as they demonstrated by effectively suspending the entire NBA from their broadcasts when pro-Hong Kong Protest sentiment was mentioned by one person.

    For a lot of people, it's easier to go along to get along. Particularly if what you have is a LACK of conclusive data and verifiable information; and are making a claim that puts into question major policy decisions that have had a global impact because the WHO and the CDC thought that the "China Model" was the way to go even though it had never been done before.

    But this sort of psychological discussion is somewhat off-topic.

    Ultimately, the problem isn't MY personal lack of information or wanting confirmation... it's asking how people "know" that what the experts tell them is the truth or not. If "consult the experts" or "trust the experts" is the best answer you can give (and it's the best I can give myself) than I don't think that's good enough, quite frankly. Not when it comes to making decisions like shutting down the economy across most of the world, or implementing (often without legislative process but by "executive orders" and the like) entirely new codes of conduct and tiering segregating society into "essential" and "non-essential" or "vaccinated" and "unvaccinated."

    The burden of proof is on those that wish to drastically alter society, that such changes are truly needed.
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    isolate Wuhan-Hu-1

    S surface glycoprotein


    Since the virus is constantly mutating around the world there are numerous labs isolating and sequencing the most recent strains - delta, delta+ etc. ad nauseam.


    As for an independant isolate this is readily available from any currently infected patient but then you could argue that the test to confirm the infection was invalid.

    Which is why i said get out your CEM and view it! and obviously a CT scan of the lungs to evaluate the severity.

    Frankly I worry less about the virus which is manageable (see aforementioned protocols) than the mRNA vaccines and the unusual lack of toxicological studies.

    I do agree with some of your points in regards to civil liberties but emergency powers will always be needed to respond quickly to external threats.

    If these threats are of a highly technical nature you will need to rely on expert opinions and choose carefully as to whom you decide to trust.

    I still have faith in the peer review process - https://twitter.com/TheLancet/status/1268613313702891523
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    I don't believe in banning for anything. The ignore option in this forum works. Once you ignore someone they disappear. Banning and censoring are signs of girly men who have small testicles.
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