TOURNAMENT REGISTRATION - Thematic Arena (new legendary runes Prize-newplayer friendly)

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    congrats to the winner, tiny!

    matches will be played at best of 3 matches. first match player 1 chooses the map, second match player 2 chooses map. In case there is a match 3, its randomized. feel free to reroll map if you both dont like it.




    - you must play each of your opponents twice, first match one of the players chooses the map, second match the other player chooses the map. Of course you can play both matches consecutively.
    - won match counts 1pt. Lost match 0pt.
    - If one player doesnt show up nor tries to organize match, he will lose all his matches.
    - If two players try to organize but cannot play before the deadline, they will both lose their matches.
    - ITS A FRIENDLY TOURNAMENT: NO INSULTS OF ANY KIND WILL BE TOLERATED. You can boast if you win, you can joke. But there is a limit. If you pass it, you are out.
    - ITS A FRIENDLY TOURNAMENT: we'll try to check more matches as possible, but still there will be the chance for players to cheat, by changing some runes etc...Well if you need to cheat in a friendly tournament, you are a sad person, and if winning like this makes your sad life a little better, go on.

    - the 2 players with more points of each group will proceed to final bracket stage
    - the 4 best third players will also proceed to final bracket stage

    group A
    elvesrule (KF/ELVES) 9 (--)
    badgerale (UD/ELVES) 6 (--)
    Roobs (ud/spiders) 2 (--)
    Etherielin (KF/FAE) 5 (--)
    A Cthulhu cultist (FS/FIRKS) 0 (R)

    elvesrule vs badgerale: 1-1
    elves rule vs roobs : 2 - 0
    elvesruel vs etherielin : 2- 0
    elvesrule vs cthulhucultist : 2 - 0 (-)
    vs roobs : 2 - 0
    bdagerale vs etherielin : 1 - 1
    badgeqale vs cthulhucultist: 2 - 0
    roobs vs etherielin : 0 - 2
    roobs vs cthulhucultist: 2 - 0 (-)
    etherielin vs cthulhucultist: 2 - 0 (-)

    group B

    Kendoshi (st/lonx) 8 (------)
    Gnomes (ST/SLAGS) 3 (-)
    MrBadguy (SL/DRAGONS) 2 (R)
    TakeItOver (UD/DEMONS) 0
    curlyboy33 (ST/YETI) 0

    Kendoshi vs gnomes : 2 - 0
    Kendoshi vs mrbadguy :2-0
    Kendoshi vs takeitover : 2-0
    Kendoshi vs curlyboy33: 2-0
    Gnomes vs Mrbadguy : 1 - 1
    gnomes vs takeitover : 2 - 0
    gnomes vs curlyboy: 0 - 0
    marbadguy vs takeitover : 0 - 0

    MrBadguy vs curlyboy : 1 - 0
    takeitover vs curlyboy : 0 - 0

    group C

    phynix (ST/FERREN) 3 (--)
    IPhoenixl (SP/HYAENID) 4 (--)
    panthersfan95 (IS/DWARVES) 0 (R)
    NevrGonaGivUup (FS/MIREFOLKS) 6 (--)
    swenibor (KF/FAE) 4 (----)

    phynix vs iphoenixl : 1 - 1
    phynix vs panthersfan: 2 - 0 (--)
    phynix vs nevrgonagive: 0 - 0
    phynix vs swenibor: 0 - 2 (--)
    panthersfan vs iphoenixl
    : 0 - 2 (--)
    iphoenix vs nevrgona: 0 - 2
    iphoenix vs swenibor: 1 - 1
    panthersfan vs nevrgonagiveup : 0 - 2 (-)
    panthersfan vs swenibor: 0 - 2 (--)

    nevrgonagive vs swenibor : 1 - 0

    group D

    xaznsoulx (ST/JAKEI) 4 (++)
    Alan (SL/skeezicks) 1
    pyxirus (KF/ELVES) 1
    Nepyonisdead (ST/Jakei) 4
    Jbafofi (ST/is Leoss)0

    xazn vs alan : 2 - 0
    xazn vs pyxirus: 2 - 0
    xazn vs nep: 0- 2
    xazn vs jbaf: 0 - 0
    alan vs pyxirus: 1 - 1
    alan vs nep: 0 - 0
    alan vs jbaf: 0 - 0
    pyxirus vs nep: 0 - 2
    pyxirus vs jbaf: 0 - 0
    nep vs jbaf: 0 - 0

    group E

    TinyDragon (KF/ELVES) 4 (--)
    GoldTiger (FS/FIRKS) 3 (--)
    Tweek516 (ST/LONX) 4 (--)
    Loyaute (SP/HYAENID) 2 (--)
    potatonuts (FW/ZOMBIES) R

    tiny vs diabloz:2-0
    tiny vs tweek: 0 - 0
    tiny vs loyaute: 0-0
    tiny vs potato: 2 - 0 (--)
    diabloz vs tweek: 1 - 1
    diabloz vs loyaute: 0 - 0
    diabloz vs potato: 2 - 0
    Tweek vs Loyaute : 1 - 0
    tweek vs potato: 0 - 0
    loyaute vs potato: 2 - 0

    group F

    maru (FS/SALAMANS) 2
    norathat (IS/DWARVES) 5
    kussel (FW/UNDEAD) 3
    capitulate (FS/BOGHOPPERS) 1
    Axeraiser (IS/DWARVES) 5

    maru vs norathat: 1 - 1
    maru vs kussel: 0 - 2
    maru vs capitulate: 1 - 1
    maru vs axereiser: 0 - 2
    norathat vs kussel: 1 - 1
    norathat vs capitulator: 2 - 0
    norathat vs axereiser: 1 - 1
    kussel vs capitulate: 0 - 0
    kussel vs axereiser: 0 - 2
    capitulate vs axereiser: 0 - 0

    Group G

    Vorian (SP/voil) 0
    Mogabait (UD/minos) 3 (--)
    Eadbusta (KF/plants) 0
    Davre (SP/elementals) 2 (--)
    Ironstylus (KF/elves) 0

    vorian vs mogabait : 0 - 0
    vorian vs eadbusta : 0 - 0
    vorian vs davre : 0 - 0
    vorian vs Ironstylus: 0 - 0
    moga vs eadbusta : 0 - 0
    moga vs davre: 1 - 0
    moga vs Ironstylus: 2 - 0
    eadbusta vs davre: 0 - 0
    eadbusta vs Ironstylus: 0 - 0
    davre vs Ironstylus: 2 -0

    OK guys, lets spice it up !

    New tournament's registration is up!
    (because some people asked: the tournament is open for everybody!)

    end of registrations: 31 august 2017 23.59 greenwich time.

    Tournament prizes (updated to Darklord's generous addition):

    1. winner: 2x new legendary of choice from planar disturbance
    2. best unranked/under 1200 player (registered for at least 1 month): legendary of choice from planar disturbance.
    3. most creative bg (chosen by me, firk democracy): a lim Hypnofrog rune
    4. Worst player (less points in league, rematch if 2 players tied): exotic rune from planar disturbance

    Tournament fee: NONE

    Registrations End on more or less when we have enough players so probably around first days of september.

    BG composition rules:

    1. When you register to the tournament you MUST send me PM with the bg you choose to play. For all tournament you must play that bg. The chosen bgs will be revealed simultaneously the day the registrations are closed.

    2. The BG
    MUST be full faction

    All the champions in the BG MUST share a race.

    tournament organization:

    first there will be a league, so every player will play at least 4-6 matches. Each player in the league will play each other player of the league on a 2rounds match. 1 win = 1 pt.
    Then best players will go to bracket stage. The division in leagues and bracket will be decided based on the registered players.

    As much as possible I will spectate (or make other judges spectate) all the matches.

    BG selection
    you cannot select bg, you must play the one you registered. of course we couldn't notice you changed something. But come one, you must be really sad to cheat in this kind of friendly tournament.

    MAP selection
    Each match will be composed of 2rounds. First round, one of the players will choose the map. Second round, the second player will choose the map. (this rule is under review, could change to random map).


    We all know that client is still not in its best shape. Disconnections, missmoves, visual and mechanical bugs could happen. To be fair with everybody, we will consider this happenings as external factors so the match will still counts. If the disconnection happens in first turns of the match, the opponent can approve a restart of the match. Decide by yourselves, guys, you are all adults and this is a friendly tournament. In any controversy about a game situation, I have the last word. I will listen to both players' explanations, and then decide. Here there is democracy. You are all equally worthless, under my complete power. If you don't like it, make your own tournament^^

    Please ask if you have any doubts, and GoodLuck!
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  3. xaznsoulx

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    Nice. I'll send out a guild message immediately.
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  4. MaruXV

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    i count you in too?
  5. fogandsteel

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    2. Everyone is going to play KF then? Let people play splits.

    3. That's a bit extreme.
  6. MaruXV

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    worms. undead. beasts. skele. demons. jelly. i think there is quite choice in competitiveness. you in? ;)
  7. MaruXV

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  8. xaznsoulx

    xaznsoulx Supreme Dream Team 夢想 隊

    Yeah I'm in.
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  9. MaruXV

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    nice, send your bg when ready
  10. GoldTiger

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  11. IPhoenixl

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    hi .... is it open for anyone ? cuz i want in.... sounds fun :)
  12. Gnomes

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    sure, count me in
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  13. MaruXV

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    good diablo, send me your bg when you make it^^
  14. MaruXV

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    its open for everybody! its a great chance to train and maybe win some runes, there are prizes for everykind of player
  15. Tweek516

    Tweek516 I need me some PIE!

    Count me in. :)

    About the FF rule - what if we wanted to play one of the split faction races, and includes only that race?
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  16. MaruXV

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    you can normally play the split races, they count as FF if you have all spells of single faction...but I will consider adding an exception for the maljarans races.
  17. darklord48

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    I'll add more prizes. The winner gets one legend of their choice. The player with less than 1200 ELO on an account older than 14 days also gets one legend of their choice. If two make it to the same round, they'll have to play for the prize.
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  18. Alan

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    ok im in
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  19. MaruXV

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    you are also joining us to play darklord? come one we need you!
  20. Gnomes

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    I will win this for the shattered peaks!

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