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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sepulcher, Mar 6, 2014.

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    As most of you know, but some may not (including the new devs), I used to upload commentated PoxNora gameplay videos on YouTube. Link -

    I haven't uploaded in about 9 months, for two reasons. The first is my gradual disinterest in the game, spurred on mainly by what SOE was doing with it (or, more accurately, NOT doing with it) and the second was because the resolution settings were ninja-altered at some point and it made making videos much more inconvenient.

    When I first started making videos, choosing resolutions was very easy - I could select 1280x720 and all sorts of other super-common resolutions that I could render in real-time. (i.e. 30 minutes for a 30 minute video) At some point, SOE patched PoxNora and left me with only two options - Fullscreen and Windowed. This move was never explained, likely because it didn't affect anybody but those trying to record it.

    It forced me to record at 1000x700, which is a really strange resolution (not to mention it's 4:3 ratio - totes uggo) and it looks much worse in YouTube's video player. Here's a comparison -

    "New" resolution -

    Old resolution -

    As you can see, the older resolution filled out the video player nicely and has more detail since it's in High Definition instead of being stuck in standard definition. Pox is a game that NEEDS to be shown in HD - lots of small text to read, the artwork looks much better, etc.

    ***Sorry for all the details, I just want to make sure I'm perfectly clear about why this was a problem!***

    Anyway, I'm HOPING that Desert Owl Games can re-implement these resolution options so that making Pox videos is both easier and higher quality. I would love to start uploading videos again - I have a much better microphone now and am much better at commentating now than I was years ago. :)

    So please consider it, devs! Ideally, it would be a great pleasure to play in 1920x1080 HD, but I realize that might be a stretch.


    - Sep
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    it was removed due to Steam launcher. they fixed it and it was stated officially in old forums since they're not on the Steam anymore.

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    Slightly related.
    If commentators could start pressing G twice when they start a recording I would enjoy the vidios far more.
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    Any thread by Sep has my support.
    10/10 would read again.
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    Second this.
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    This was one of the first things I did when I got the source code back. I could have sworn I posted this already but apparently not! 1000x700 is still the default resolution.
    • AUTOMATIC 10:7 - 1000x700
    • XGA 4:3 - 1024 x 768
    • WXGA1 4:3 - 1152 x 864
    • HDTV_720p 16:9 - 1280 x 720
    • HDTV_1080i 32:27 - 1280 x 1080
    • SXGA 5:4 - 1280 x 1024
    • WXGA 15:10 - 1366 x 768
    • WUXGA 16:10 - 1280 x 800

    If you want more I can put some in, tho pox is statically drawn, so we can only go so high before things start looking really small. Also PoxZuo noted that the lobby has decreased in size, probably because of facebook. She really wants to make it larger again and I cant say that im against that.

    BTW I also heard from the guy at SOE that the reason they removed the resolutions is because of steam -- tho that literally does not begin to make sense to because I play games on steam all the time at different resolutions. We will be integrating with steam again here soon, so I guess ill find out. That being said, if there is some steam requirement that caused this then that would be limited to only steam, no reason to remove the options.
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    Thank you for the update!
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    You have my axe!
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    Duly noted, Banshee - I think the only reason I didn't "G" twice by default was because I thought the game looked better without it. You could see the landscape on the maps better, etc. But I will definitely keep that in mind for future endeavors.

    Thanks, Gedden!

    Those resolution options are making me drool. And I totally understand about the statically drawn part - That's okay, 1080p is kind of overkill for YouTube video anyway. The Steam comment confuses me, as well - But your response that any workarounds will be limited to Steam is reassuring.

    So these resolutions are available now? Exciting! I might have to run some tests next week. Thanks again,

    - Sep

    P.S. You lovable rascals in this thread - I'm excited to play with you all again soon.
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    Sep is gonna be recording again...........*pinches self*..............ok, guess I'm awake.


    'nuff said.
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    Good to see ya around Sep! I have finally updated my cpu so hopefully I will also be able to get back into vids with HD quality. The Unwrapped ones were so big that it caused my older cpu to choke. I'm hoping this new one will be able to crunch it.
    Anyways, good to see ya back, Bro! Look forward to your stuff.
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  17. jsat

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    Sepulcher--does this mean you will make more videos? I actually watched one of your videos when I first looked into this game--then I watched every one of them. You do a great job and I wanted you to know that people do appreciate it.
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    Thanks for the update Gedden, seems like some of those resolutions would work nicely with full screen, is there a restriction in Java that makes it impossible to do? or do not enough people actually want a non windowed full screen?
  19. Karmavore


    As someone who attempted to carry the torch of commentators (going to start doing them again once the meta is settled) I had issues as we'll with the resolution thing although my love for the game hadn't taken that big of hit compaired to our dear sepulcher. But yeah I noticed in the end.

    With that being said it was apparent that things are optimal so, all in all. /signed

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