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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by aseryen, Jun 9, 2019.

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    While the servers may not shut down; the developers have left, admittedly this is for the better and has been the best age PoxNora has EVER seen!

    Yes, I am developing my own PoxNora, I would not imagine supporting the effort that has lead to the current design state. Development team after development team, design has taken a golden egg and siphoned every bit of value possible from it, without directing resources properly. Had funds been allocated in another manner I would have a different position on the matter and would be less confident in directly copying PoxNora and the entirety of its IP.

    IP and the progressing state developers have advanced progression in gameplay has lead to an unfortunate cycle that certain claims to IP has lost some of it's validity, with the necessity for Cataclysmic games states. This creates the real world scenario of 'If one can do better as, for the community, one should" because of the duality of time modern game states creates in connected environments. The reasoning is that game states are being designed less and less by single entities and are instead a collective net value derived from/through community input.

    It can be seen within the gaming industry, progressively, that modern industry standards are falling short of the inherent values players put into the individual systems experienced. This is why I am in favor of the Legacy system that Path of Exile:GGG somewhat has modernized in the sense that each design iteration is it's own seed that can function properly in a live state.

    Seeing what is happening with other gaming communities, this summer is primed for one of the best game states PoxNora has ever seen; regardless of community size. I hope to see some of you online.

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