Bile zombie + worms

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Keku, Sep 27, 2016.

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    Nerf Bile Zombie
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    Not so much bile zombie as it is worms bonus. It's a theme that has a ton of cheap champs, that deploy quickly.

    Bile zombies are 2x2 units that can be blocked by simply placing a champ or proper positioning. Typically if your sitting next to an opposing fw font or fw shrine zone, expect a vile zombie bomb or a polluted martyr or some initiative nonsense.

    Don't see a problem with bile zombies as much as I do the worms bonus. If they are bile zombie bombing you every turn then it means they are dumping Nora, which means you should be deploying more than them. Typically bile zombies are only a problem late game when fw gets pushed back or if they are already winning. Either way if you let fw get to late game then you usually already ****ed up. Change worms bonus back to every time one dies it reverses a space.

    Too sum this up @Ballballer get gud scrub, with that sp bonus should be pretty easy to outdeploy them.

    Scrubs4lyfe2016 @Ballballer
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    Im surprised that this thing was released. Its pretty damn good in its theme for its nora cost.
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    Not sure if you've versed worms but finishing the game is one huge problem I have. I remember "winning" a game within 5-10 mins, however spent the next 35 minutes trying to finish the game with the bile zombie spam. It's not as easy as it is made out to be and if I hadn't straight out won the game before hand it may have been a different story. Sure you can space your champions around the battlefield appropriately, but there's only so much room you can deploy in a font and also position to attack a shrine on some maps.

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