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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bondman007, Jul 22, 2018.

  1. polltroy

    polltroy I need me some PIE!

    What about some of us go together and collect some money to pay for one last update and for say 5 years server/webhosting? It seems DOG is not gone, just they dont care to put money into this.

    I think for little money/effort, make a small update, fix chat maybe some other stuff that was already done but not uploaded, and make some announcement to players by email that there was an update, maybe game will be alive a bit again.

    What you guys think? SOK, could this be possible? Obviously they dont want to sell it nor spend more time/money on the game, but it also must be good for them to avoid some badwill by helping what is left of the pox community.
  2. Bondman007

    Bondman007 I need me some PIE!

    LOL, nope...
  3. Bondman007

    Bondman007 I need me some PIE!

    Ok man, so I have just one question that I am going to ask...

    What insider info do you have that supports your statement that "DOG is not gone..."? That is completely contrary to all of our findings...
    DOG office numbers are disconnected...DOG e-mail goes mainly unchecked...DOG employees/founders are working for other companies...Where are you getting this info?
  4. polltroy

    polltroy I need me some PIE!

    I think it was SOK who said its not gone? That they just lost interest in putting more money/time into Pox black hole. He explained they work like studio on other projects. Also it seems the owners/founders of DOG are not (yet) associated with new projects?

    If DOG is really gone and beyond saving, they for sure could talk to us somehow?
  5. PoxBot

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    Not if they signed some kind of NDA.
  6. polltroy

    polltroy I need me some PIE!

    We can rule that out as they replied at first. If it was due to a super strong NDA they could not reply at all. If it was due to some weak NDA they could still reply back they are not interested or some very high price etc.

    But they keep silent. Which gives me conclusion its due on of these:

    1. total uninterest by owners of pox
    2. dont take inquire serious at all
    3. dont want to talk with community on forums
    4. they have money problems and feel too bad/stressed to even think about pox

    If either of 1-4, they could atill want to help out to last update and pay for servers if we manage to show them some cash for that. Its always good to avoid badwill regardless if just for the owners as individuals or as a company if it has some kind of future.

    But if

    5. reason is NDA because they already work on some other big deal to save Pox or rights to it or sell DOG

    then of course this is a no-go for one last update even if we collect the money.
  7. PoxBot

    PoxBot Devotee of the Blood Owl

    I'm going to assume they already decided what they're going to be doing be it waiting out the Sony contract, terminating Pox or switching administration of the game to another party. I contacted HawkFain during the SOE to DOG transition with an inquiry about the prospect of acquiring Pox and at least he had the decency to let me know they had already worked something out or strongly implied that the process was ongoing. This is different. It could be that despair just overwhelmed Gedden for some reason and he just jumped ship, but I'm patient and hope it's something else they just can't communicate for some legal reason.

    Either way, Poxers are stubborn and dumb enough that they can find a way to keep the game afloat if they really want to. There's the nupox project Capitulator is doing and there's probably enough people with money who could pool resources into acquiring the game at some point. The asset value can only go down from here on out and there's plenty of programmers who might lend a hand in re-building a site or do freelance work for a new game.
  8. polltroy

    polltroy I need me some PIE!

    If numbers are disconnected it all points towards money problems. Id say they dont reply out of stress and lack of time/interest, no other reason. Sad situation.
  9. b33rdragon

    b33rdragon The King of Potatoes

    After being a very active member of Pox since the early days, I have to say it is nice to see the fan base is still some what interested in the mythical idea of a player lead buy out. I wish it was years ago and this idea was brought up before Dan sold the first time to Sony. That was a tragic day.
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  10. polltroy

    polltroy I need me some PIE!

    come on guys, someone has to do something to fix and save Pox! Just fix the damn chat somehow and Pox will slowly come alive again and maybe will attract some attention again by whoever controlls it.... I want to play pox again!!!

    ... and today i played a few games. And I love the game even in current state, JUST I NEED CHAT. It feels like playing single player game. It feels muted. Empty. Why devs let game die by such stupid reason like forgetting to turn chat back on?
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  11. Lightsmith

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    Had a chance to review the thread. All of it... lol. Now I am going to reply... First of all, I am one of the owners of RealGameFX. I can tell you that I have plenty of experience in IP, NDA's, etc...

    IMO..yes, there is something seriously wrong that you have not received a reply. As for the argument that they are bound and gagged and cannot When money is on the table people are interested. Try sending my company an email about money and people would be fired if I see that they did not send a reply or inquiry. If I do not want the deal publicly aired I offer to send them an NDA and the discussion would continue. End of story. Several theories proposed about "letting go of the reins" as well as people moving on to other things seem to have some merit at this point in the picture. One project we had worked on heavily for years left us so bitter, after a $150,000 legal battle of 2 years with partners (a different company), we were unwilling to even discuss it for over a year. We were worn out and angry with each other. An example of possible scenarios. Of course an NDA made sure details could never be disclosed by us as partners...

    Next. Great work Bondman, you show heart and soul in working this thing. I have seen the "reproofs" you have received and think you can ignore them. You are passionate about the project and are rightfully frustrated. You will receive alot of criticism from"quadriplegic athletes" with alot of advice, but doing nothing constructive about furthering your progress. Most will tell you "what you should have done". Don't let it get to you is my advice. If you ever get some progress on this issue, please let me know. Feel free to write to me at my company. Best of luck and well done!
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  12. Bondman007

    Bondman007 I need me some PIE!

    Wow man, that's refreshing... Thanks!

    I am a business owner and so I understand how they work. DOG is obviously having some major issues. I've tried to get people to understand that throughout this thread. (as has @Sokolov ) DOG is not simply "ignoring" requests or simply "don't care," rather, they are pretty much out of business.

    Here's my personal synopsis:
    The company overspent on Pox with the initial purchase of Pox and needed it to make an immediate impact with money which apparently it did not do.
    To gain funds, they teamed with Sony to get it on PS Network. But, because the client ended up being a much bigger job than anticipated, the funds ended up not being enough to justify a fully bug-free app.
    Since the funds dried up and people need to eat, each co-founder went their separate ways leaving DOG on autopilot.
    The co-founders would basically be left with very little incentive to sell ANYTHING really, because, presumptively, any profits would need to be split AT LEAST four ways and it ultimately wouldn't be worth their time to go through the hassle.
    All that said, hopefully the domain/server fees get paid at least until a decent sequel arrives.
    Unless something RADICALLY changes, it appears Pox Nora is done.
  13. Lightsmith

    Lightsmith New Member

    I agree with your assessment. As for me, I have played roughly 2 years. Hands down one of the best strat games I have played and find its loss would create a vacuum hard to fill. I have played alot of games and am over 50 ;) (Someone mentioned the old X-Coms. Yes, one of the all stars on my list for well thought out as well.) .

    I have seen Sokolov's comments and others on power creep. I agree on that as well. Based on what I am seeing here, it sounds more and more like a clone is the direction, or snapshot for the moment. I saw earlier in the posts that two individuals are working in that direction. If they are able to dial the power creep back to normal levels they should have a hit. Additionally, making it player friendly to new players so that they are not driven away by having the heck beaten out of them for 3-4 months solid before they start winning any appreciable amount of games.

    My company is tied up on 2 projects atm. One involves a pitch we will be making to Star Citizen soon, and another to be announced, so I am afraid I am forced to be an observer on the sidelines for now, as we are maxxed out. But, I will be watching, as others, with great interest. Please, all of you moving forward, keep us posted on your progress! All the best!
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  14. Kendoshi

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    Just wanted to say thanks to Bondman and others who wish to revive the game. Thank you for your efforts! I can't program nor anything else in that regard so I am no help but I would support it with some money if the time comes. Cheers from Switzerland!
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  15. polltroy

    polltroy I need me some PIE!

    Im chcking in here several times every day now to see if there are any good news. Seems not :( I want chat back and some small promo for game and suddenly it will come alive again. I started to play a bit and really like it even in current conditions. Is there not anyone who has access to servers and knows how to make updates?
  16. Gnomes

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    Would be cool if they gave us over the access to the code and all that. They can still make money off the game potentially for free, but some of the more dedicated players could update the game for them.
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  17. Baskitkase

    Baskitkase Forum Royalty

    The access code is 1234. Go ham.
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  18. polltroy

    polltroy I need me some PIE!

    Every day lately i try to play at least one game. And it seems Im not alone, there are always some 2 games going on and someone waiting or soon joining for playing with me. So should be really easy to get game alive after some small update and some mass email to all old players.
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  19. Sokolov

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    What's easy is to overestimate the value/power of your ideas. Of course, this also depends on your definition of "alive."

    This is not possible since SOE did not give the user data back with the game, citing privacy laws. So the only emails are the ones who have played recently, basically.
  20. 0ryuk0

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    We want POX back!

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