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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bondman007, Jul 22, 2018.

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    Any response?
  2. Bondman007

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  3. nitebane21

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    I am really not a fan of her... Guess she's too being "consulting" in LA to be bothered.
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    Just stumbled back across this game after a long absence, sorry to see it dying.

    DOG is still listed as an Active LLC in Arizona, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are active in the "doing business" sense, just that they have complied with the relevant requirements to maintain active status.
  5. Bondman007

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    Ok guys, September 12th update for you:
    Below is the response I have gotten from DOG:

    Response (may have to highlight the area to read) ->

    No response from DOG on any level. Gedden, Linsay, no one. I have attempted to reach 4 of the founders of DOG by various means... websites, e-mails, phone calls, I even foxed one of them (mighty python).
    I have a couple of more avenues to try, however, if they pay no dividends I will be retiring from this man/woman hunt. I have worked on this for months, even prior to starting the threads on the forums, but I keep hitting roadblocks.
    If any of you have ANY type of lead, submit them now. Come the end of September, if we continue to get ignored, I am out.
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    you did what you could bondman.

    you should at this point imo, shift focus to documenting, and recording as many things about pox as you can for after the 404.

    music, maps, sprites, anything you can keep, you may likely never use them in a remake, but having access to them for even a historical website or something would be useful.

    most games that go dark don't have the advantage the pox community currently has which is a fair amount of warning to prepare for the end. games like ever quest online adventures, their community is attempting to rebuild that game with little to nothing left of the original game but memories(years of patches were purely online and not on the discs), so take advantage of what you can.
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    They are all under a non disclosure agreement most likely, if you wanna find someone important look for a lawyer most likely or multiple lawyers. Usually when nobody is talking, somebody is being sued, as per usual.
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    We could just keep pictures of all of the runes, keep record of damage and make some kind of grid to place them on and continue to play that way. A board game if you will. We did buy and earn the runes anyway.
  9. RedCourage

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  10. aseryen

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    I’ve been archiving Pox since SOE so no worries about historical data being lost outright. Although the more data recorded the better so catalog away.

    That being said I’d like to change gears and start collaborating on a clone, outside of the original artwork I’ve never seen Pox as having a unique IP, the mechanics are interesting but hardly worth any kind of protection under the law.

    I am a fan of Garu but an upright bear is an upright bear. Moga/G’hern are pretty unique but are still just dessert imps enslaved by upright Rhinos...

    With all that being said I’m kind of jumping in and taking over, per @Bondman007 permission, at least long enough to give him a rest before taking up the torch again.

    Pox failed under DOG due to a simple fact besides the takeover and PSN port...DOG changed their basic system requirements from 32bit to 64bit. This thrusted Poxnora into a more current scene of gamers and segregated anyone stuck with an outdated system. Right from the get go a chasm was created between the playerbase of old and new with the Devs soreley unable to bridge the gap...

    I see the future of Poxnora needing to answer a few questions.

    1) What kind of playerbase are we catering to?
    - PC/Mac
    - Console
    - Handheld: custom device
    - Mobile: Android/Apple

    2) What restrictions are imposed on digital assets?
    - Marketplace/Bazaar
    - Modding/Tool creation
    - Campaign/Sandbox

    3) How will this new company fund itself?
    - Donations/Cosmetic purchases
    - DLCs/Subscriptions
    - Physical Merch

    If there is anyone interested in learning about game design I can work on a curriculum as well, I’ve been mulling over the idea of starting a Patreon to document my efforts while creating Pox2.0
  11. Mercer Skye

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    I've downloaded Unity, but given my very trivial time in programming classes, I don't know if I'd be of much assistance. I'm a quick study, but I need to break off time in order to learn what I need to to do anything with it.
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  12. badgerale

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    I think the main part of why Pox failed at the revamp was that it was repeatedly unable to deliver the things it attempted to do - this has to be ascribed to unestimating the programming needs involved in the new client/PlayStation port.

    While I'm sure we all have ideas as to why the design of this and that was bad, I don't ultimately think it was a failing of design as much as delivery.

    So unless we have a core of skilled programmers with a burning desire to remake Pox, I don't see how we can go forward.

    The only thing I can suggest is to think of it less as making a game and more as forming a game developing company - so you need finances, recruitment, marketing... the whole thing.
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  13. badgerale

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    One idea is to go into partnership with the guy who made Longsword (zero something, I always forget his name).

    If he was up for it, we could use the same base game and make some aesthetic changes to be more like Pox and release it as a standalone game or even a Longsword sequel.
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  14. aseryen

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    I agree there are many things contributing to where we are now. I ended up buying a 64bit system just to play Poxnora and within a few weeks of that purchase Unreal Engine 4 was released for free which is my preferred engine, Unity has made a lot of strides in the past 4 years but I never picked up Unity since I know UE.

    I also agree that a development company needs to be established so that we can have a platform to begin on solid footing. I am establishing an LLC to create some legitimacy moving forward and to nip that conversation in the butt. If it needs to be done, tell me and I will get it done.

    As for finances, recruitment, marketing...I have most of those covered, and will be calling on a few to help in the future.
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  15. Bondman007

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    Hey brother, I will GLADLY pass the torch. This has been a bumpy ride and I am absolutely appalled at how little interest DOG has in any type of agreement to keep Pox going or sequeled.
    I wish you the best of luck and I sincerely hope you are able to produce a Pox clone that succeeds in this gaming world. If it's a decent product, you will certainly have my financial support.
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  16. aseryen

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    Ty for the support, I hope we can get a great community behind a new game.
  17. PoxBot

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    I'd be down for this. Been super busy lately working 45 hours a week. Most of my free times goes into spending time with my gf, walking my 4 dogs or playing board games but if it could be arranged, a podcast type of thing explaining and archiving info on the game would be neat.
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  18. aseryen

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    That’s a good idea, if anyone would like to create a video with their own explanation, we can go from there and if a few points are left out no worries.

    Modify as we go so that steady progress is being made.
  19. Gainer900

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    I can't save Pox nor do I have any interest in doing so, however, I do have an interesting position right now and a way to move forward, possibly preserving some elements that we loved about this game. If anyone with any coding, graphic or marketing experience is interested feel free to email me at

    I have a team involved in blockchain that has interest to build a game and I was thinking something with some pox like elements that would be a hybrid, possibly a little more simplistic and smartphone friendly. I have a lot of ideas for this. This would all be volunteer work for now with each person involved basically owning crypto that would greatly increase in value as the project grows. So this way everyone involved is basically creating their own financial future with it and doing the work in their time away from their jobs.

    Email me for more info.
  20. BloodAshes

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    Long time player being out of the scene for along time. Hope this comes to fruition.

    Didn’t some of the old developers of Pox make “Conquest of Champions” I cannot remember the company but perhaps contacting them for assistance in picking up Pox? COC was a similar design clearly to Pox.

    If help is needed and a team is formed do have programming experience and 2d art experience and would love to be apart of this.

    Best of luck guys not ready to lose Pox too many memories here.

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