Cant say I like it..

Discussion in 'New Pox Nora Client Beta Discussion' started by Vrcic, Nov 4, 2017.

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    If your asking whether I prefer this or the old one I would have to say the old one...

    I am a pc user and only gamepads for certain games and Pox isnt one of them, the fact that you have plastered gamepad icons over the interface and combining keyboard and mouse and gamepad in one option is crazy, at least have an option in the game to tell the client which platform you prefer, turning gamepad support off for pc users would be absolute heaven.

    Where has the world map gone in the tutorial?

    Rune Manager in game is an absolute nightmare, I am literally confused in whats going on I dont feel like as a new player to this client from the old that it has been explained, its a really big change compared to the old one.

    Cant see I have seen a speed increase just seems the same as the old one with even more problems =/
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    Slowly the Devs will understand what a Toggle feature is...but very very, wait for it, veeeeeeery slowly will they actually then implement said understanding of a Toggle feature...maybe.

    Also these devs don't play their game (or any other games apparently) to know that when you don't have anything to put up for a Loading Screen it is customary in the gaming industry to put up the World Map of said game. But DOGZ is too indie that they only focus on balance rather than HUD/UI/ know the catalyst that allows players to interact with the game without exclaiming "Why are there gamepad icons when I'm playing a PC?!"

    @Sokolov & @Senshu

    I'll put @TheBeeKing but honestly idk what your job title is, just that you're a green and if you have played this game and had any sense of what QOL should look like you'd be on the other Greens too. Doesn't even matter if you don't have any influence, you have the power of the Green Core and you must use it to stave off this ignorance that @Senshu & @Sokolov are perpetuating.

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