Chronomancer is pretty dang broken.....

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    This thread is dedicated to Chronomancer and everything about her. Ever since the Spell Shift change, I have been wracking my brain to come up with ways to abuse......errr......creatively utilize Chronomancer both in FF ST and splits. I'll post the resulting brainchildren below, along with a brief summary of the deck's goals. If anyone else has found some nifty combos with Chronomancer, feel free to post them here! And please, be absolutely ruthless when building and playing these decks. Being successful with Chronomancer demands a strong stomach for rage-inducing play.

    The Flag and Drag

    My first, and so far most successful, iteration is so named for its use of Flag of Unification to drag a game on for an obscenely long time. When I first made the deck it attempted to utilize Nora Freeze to this end, but the spell was quickly found to be lacking even in a deck dedicated to it. In finding another way, I've created an extremely frustrating deck to play against that has several key components: Spell Shift spamming to get Doom off cooldown, equipping Bone Circle Staff to Monoliths and Dark Familiars, using Wish to equip Flag of Unifiction to every opposing champion possible, and lastly making a clunky mess of the battlefield with Aspects of Divinity and Bone Elementals. Basically you spam Doom on everything strong, Flag the mediums, and blockade the weaklings. With Tomb around, nora isn't a problem even if you're down fonts. Should the enemy decide to rush the shrine, Runic Seal stops him in his tracks (also spammable with Spell Shift, and yes it does stack).

    The Insta-Gib

    I've had great fun with Onus of Kiergana over the years, and I was pleased to see the Spell Shift changes made one of my favorite decks viable again. The goal here is simple: Spell Shift to spam Onus of Kiergana as much as possible, instantly killing every champion your opponent has deployed. Goliath Fesh and Clops Stonecaller will clean up the rest, swallowing and cliffing them respectively. If that wasn't enough, the new Thunder Elemental is beastly when Hasted by a Chrono, letting you pull of Sonic Surge turns of epic proportions. This deck is made to be fast and deadly, with Chieftains, Transporter, and Monk speeding your units along. Your ace-in-the-hole is False Orders. Cast this whenever you have nora to spare while Onus is counting down. Odds are, during this time frame, your opponent will be attempting to stall out until the timer runs down. Being able to Firk with their deploys every single turn (False Orders has no cooldown when used with Spell Shift) is amazing, denying them what they need right when they need it most.

    The Undying

    While it doesn't QUITE live up to its name, it comes pretty close. Here, it's all about Masochism; a spell that has been a part of countless other abusive combos in its time is now part of one more. With a nora cost of 30, Masochism has a 1 turn cooldown after being Spell Shifted, so you get to use it every turn. And what better to use it on than a champion with Immortality? Crystal Phoenix is the perfect target for Masochism: a fire-and-forget global healer that never stays dead lets you absorb 40 damage from all your champions every round. The combo comes with a steep nora cost however, so Nefari Siphons help carry the burden, generating some much needed nora. The rest of the deck is all about living forever. Four Dread units, Yetis with Frightful Aura, and Schemers with Hex debuff the opponent's damage down to minuscule levels. Lastly, we have Blood Exchange. Combined with Possess on Puppet Master, this little number gives you a way to utilize those low HP Phoenixes/Siphons before they get finished off. Simply Possess and swap their HP with a full HP opposing champion!

    The Frozen Tomb

    This is a rather silly deck that is the most recent addition to my collection of Chronomancer-compatible creations. The basis here is speed reduction.........a lot of it. Six champions with Stall, multiple ways to apply the Frozen and Slowed debuffs, and a heaping helping of impeding snow terrain to top it off. Snowed In is the spell that holds the deck together: spam it frequently wherever the opponent is trying to move through. With a cooldown of 1 after Shift, you get a bit of AOE damage, speed reduction, and massively impeding terrain at a bargain basement price of 30 nora. Manacles spam, using Wish to equip everything in sight, provides -2 speed (provided the target isn't already Frozen) along with some bonus damage that the deck somewhat lacks. Patience and Lockdown are two very underrated spells, and both fit in here wonderfully. The first stops 2 opposing champions dead in their tracks for 3 turns; note that this effect is neither cleansable nor dispelable. The second stops all AP generation that isn't beginning of turn AP generation for 4 turns. And how much AP will the opponent be generation at the beginning of their turn? Why, none of course! It's not uncommon for the opposing champions to be reduced to 0 speed for multiple turns in a row. Removing outside influences such as Mobi, Alacrity, Invigorate, Momentum, and Price of Victory is essential for this deck's success. Do note, however, that playing this deck is impossible against FF ST, since they do not suffer from Frozen or snow/ice terrain.

    That's it for now, but I'm always on the lookout for new combos with Chronomancer. Atm, I'm working on a FW/ST version that spams Spell Trap and Desecration for an instant shrine kill. I'll update the OP when it's finished. For now though, I want to see what ideas you guys have got; or simply comment on my own decks. I'm sure there are many more ways to creatively use Chronomancer, so let's see 'em!
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    this works some times. blood for nora on nora cow. upload_2015-7-17_23-48-58.png
  3. KPIC

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    Here is another one to add to your thread. I used this a while ago, and it works alright for me. For you, it would probably work better.

    The Zealots

    Basically, you spam Taint, Pilgrimage, and Ferocity on your champs to buff them. Also, you have Zeal, Spur, and Haste along with Quickening to roll over your opponents. I had the Angel of War up the 16 ap pretty regularly with Multiattack 2. She rocks. The Processing Collars and Wish keep your charge counts up on the Chronos and Elementalists.
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    I'd swap out Serpentor Paradigm for Aspect of Violence since you'll be handing out charges so much.

    IMAGIRL Forum Royalty

    I've got one around her, and Reclaim if your interested.
  6. JazzMan1221

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    Definitely, feel free to post it!

    IMAGIRL Forum Royalty

    Reclaim Nation
    (Budget Version) NOTE: Aspect of Divinity is a placeholder, and rarely ever used.

    This BG started out as a throwback to the days of Barricade & Snowburst. Then I started wondering how I could take it to the next level. There's more to talk about than this small post will allow. Just a simple glance at the contents of the BG should be enough to start running it properly. There's countless little combos in this BG. I hope it brings it's user further inspiration as it did me. I will not include my current version. This is however the the prototype BG that I started with when I went crazy with it. I feel it's only appropriate to pass it on now. I hope it brings it's user further inspiration as it did me. Cheers! IMAGIRL
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    This is all your fault.
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  9. OriginalG1

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    so much nora gen.
  10. darklord48

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  11. IronStylus

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    So... that's the bg I got owned by those units alone, thinking it was some meta - def reduction kiting bg with hippos, but oh well... it doesnt even have much def reduction. and hippos
  12. Nigromanta

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    I wonder how this deck works, could any of you explain it a bit indepth to me, please?

    I understand you want to generate tons of nora (Marsh Song -> Chornomancer -> Jellebrium Overmind -> Marsh Song) in order to be able to cast Millenial Icequake.
    I also understand the Leoss monk and the Turtle equipment, in order to not destroy all of your champs, but...
    How does it work? you only deploy 4/5 champs in order to be able to protect them, and cast Millenial + Focused nexus to clean their champs?

    Snowspinners to heal back up stuff and yetis with big base HP pool to stall untill you get enough nora?

    Am I missing something? what about ranged champions out of Focused Nexus area of effect?
  13. davre

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    Sorry for the late reply, I've been focused on life stuff until yesterday (just presented my Master's thesis) and pox's hiccups coincided nicely with my own agenda. That deck is a more gimmicky version of a very strong chronomancer/marsh song deck I had been playing for a while (mostly similar but without the millenial icequake module and emphasis on physical resistance). Focused nexus is actually a defensive spell that you want to cast on your icequake powerturn. It redistributes damage just before it would be dealt, essentially allowing you to double the effectieness of immunities/resistances by having them get checked twice. so you kind of cluster your champs in the nexus aoe and every invulnerable champ in the aoe reduces the damage that its friends would take as well.

    I'm not 100% on the exact math but it allows you to distribute the effects of turtle so that your champs can survive the board wipe. That said, this is a very inconsistent and difficult deck and I have had a lot more success with a goodstuff variant that keeps chronomancer/marsh song and just uses the nora and spell cooldown advantage to win conventionally.
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    First of all congrats on your Master's thesis.
    Second, gimmicky decks always were more inconsistent than conventional ones, but imagining the face of your opponent after casting 2x Millenial Icequake... must be priceless :)
    Ive been always in love of gimmicky decks so I might try to build this or similar. Thanks!
  15. Braxzee

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    Heh Davre gimmick BG does not work well verse a minor back lash BG....Game would have been over faster if I had star seer out but I wanted to drag it out a bit :)
  16. davre

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    Nah, I just need to not be as greedy with the marsh songs. Grats on blowing up my shrine with a hard counter but maybe try replicating the victory before you start gloating?
  17. Braxzee

    Braxzee I need me some PIE!

    I have replicated it many times, others have used chronomancer marsh slams from way past. Usually I use star seers. Nora generation is coming back again in general so I started using them again
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    ah I dont think thats davres main chronomancer bg that he uses competively :p I am pretty sure there is a kento and some different champs and spells. Millenial earthquake is a fun spell but it youll almost never get to play it efficiently :) A deep leviathan bg would be better if that wasnt just a broken bg and already abused by one of the worst pox players ever Live123 :p
  19. Braxzee

    Braxzee I need me some PIE!

    Nah he used the kento one with providence equipped getting the 6 -7 range pending on what was going on. He used his main power house BG. Creativity is better than chronomancer anyways in the regard of getting mad marsh songs out. Other players have got out 6 to 8 marsh songs out at a time with it. IF davre had millenial quake he would have won in this case or unless I could have deployed star seer and crystalize her. I had her in reserve just in case. I have been winning pretty easily lately using back lash and resonance it is very funny against nora shieled. Especially when your resonance champ hits for 90 and one hit destroys a shrine. It just seems that is what the META has started using again. SUper Nora generation is nothing new and has been so called abused with marsh song using creativity or spell shifts. Then it went away as back lash and resonance became popular. No one wants their shrine destroyed in one or two hits unexpected.
  20. MaruXV

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    IS/ST, physical immunity IS champs + strip armor + millenial earthquake. Should be funny enough.

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