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  1. Gnomes

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    Cyclops agir.JPG
    Cyclops Lop.JPG Cyclops siblings.JPG

    These are my 4 cyclops moduals/bg first full contruct mudual.

    second is @Agirgis1 BG when he still played em

    third is @Lop main cyclops bg

    4th is my siblings bg with hut! that one is cool because 80 hp drudge clops and 70+hp of the others too! and 52 single hit ececute pummle maulers! for 5 ap... with the warwizards, that threat range with 9 ap per turn is cray!

    so ask away

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  2. Poxineer

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    Try not to make a mess with all that stress
  3. Gnomes

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    Small Clops.JPG all the ok small clops.

    Superchamp.JPG ST/SP super champ clops
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  4. Tweek516

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    You really love clops :rolleyes:
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  5. Gnomes

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    their are just somany ways to play them, they have somany legs too!!!
  6. doubtofbuddha

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    Cyclops have 2 legs, just like everyone else.
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  7. Gnomes

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    but only one eye :D
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  8. Alakhami

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    which bg you consider the strongest?
  9. Heart

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    This thread is making me [​IMG] all over the place.
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  10. Gnomes

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    Its personal prefrence but i like the one that loplop uses more then the one @Agirgis1 did the cannons are to hard for me to make use out of, and the chuck firecase/firebomb are to expensive for my liking.
  11. Woffleet

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  12. Gnomes

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    Thanks! but i have not played around to to much with these bg's. in siblings bg you can get drudge with 81 hp 15 dmg and multi attack 2 for 75 nora, and with widomaker he often hits 3 times in one round.

    in the st/SP splitt you can get the battlefiends to have the bonus really quick with 2 inspires and a warbanner or with 1 havocs touch. then just shield them and let them wreak havoc on the enemy. the new clops also has crazy health stats and ive also gotten to 71 or so hp!
  13. Vorian

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    That sprite shouldnt exist!
  14. Gnomes

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    edited (for nirom)
  15. xezno

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    This is awesome! TY! I keep thinking about coming back and I keep looking at clops. They are calling my name!
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  16. noamkeren

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    If you run ancient, it's giving backlash, and all your champs will damge their self.
  17. Gnomes

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    i know :/ thats why ive put magistrate in now instead, he gives magnate and hasten too
  18. Gnomes

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    @nirom has edited the bg a bit, he put pilgrimage and obelisk of forsite in it now too, which are both also good ideas
  19. Gnomes

    Gnomes Forum Royalty


    I have though of another.. this bg is there to just deploy cheap meat all day long like cyclops were suppose to be played back in the day! it has all 5 speed cyclops so it gets the most out of battledrum.
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  20. Gnomes

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    bumb for friend

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