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  1. DarkJello

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    Murica culture is so violent it is depressing.

    Gun free zones help most people feel safe. Why?

    Ink on paper help most people feel safe. Why?

    Many more points need to be stated. Discuss and enlighten please.

    I shall return with pointed remarks of today's OR bloodbath.
  2. Ragic

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  3. Boozha

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    Gun free zones help people feel safe because killing people without a lead-spitting device is a lot harder. Which is so obvious that I'm not sure why I wrote it.

    Apparently not, otherwise he wouldn't have had a gun. Unless he got it from elsewhere, since that is so absurdly easy in your uncivilized country.
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  4. Ohmin

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    Too many P&P RPGs?
  5. Bellagion

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    I think it's about time Americans realize that mass shootings aren't about laws or regulations or whatever. Something about our culture lends itself to creating violent humans who are disturbed enough to take other lives by force in public areas. Our country is deeply, deeply divided, and no ordinance is gonna just solve that overnight. We need to look closely at why these people are killing, who they are, and how we can stop more people from emulating them. Clearly something is wrong, and labeling everyone who does this every couple months "crazy" isn't solving it.
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  6. Sokolov

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    Did you know that someone with schizophrenia who is NOT on his meds can just buy weapons and stockpile ammunition?

    And then when you call the police, they will say "he hasn't committed a crime, we can't do anything?" And then if you try to get a judge to order him to take his meds, the court-appointed lawyer will argue on the man's behalf and why he should be allowed to decide whether to take his meds and that he should also be allowed to keep his guns?

    This is happening RIGHT NOW to my friend here in the US. Her son stopped taking his meds, dumped his girlfriend, quit his job, runs around telling people he is the son of God and is stockpiling weapons.

    She's currently moved out of her 4-bedroom house into a tiny apartment on the other side of town so he doesn't know where she lives.
  7. Ohmin

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    Most mass shootings these days happen in gun-free zones. Why? They're relatively certain there won't be people shooting back.

    I don't mind if you want to criticize the government, the laws, or what have you. But could you stop with the "uncivilized" crap?



    In particular it suggests that many "civilized" nations with strict gun laws have had worse violent crime rates overall (though obviously less with guns specifically), several nations with high gun ownership have very low crime rates.

    Areas in turmoil that also have high gun owner-ship of course do have higher rates of violent crimes, but it's unclear as to whether gun controls would help or hinder it, etc. Anyway, I didn't read that full article, just parts of it, it may or may not have a different conclusion, but it's very interesting.

    EDIT: Harvard Study on topic: http://www.theacru.org/harvard_study_gun_control_is_counterproductive/

    Of course, I'm sure there are other studies that are less clear-cut.

    Possibly. I also think the improper use of psychiatric medicines has something to do with it as well, as (most) mass shooters are crazy people on prescribed psychiatrics that either recently started or recently stopped taking said drugs. EDIT: Hi there Sok! Nice timing :p
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  8. Dagda

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    if you're the son of god, why do you need weapons
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  9. Sokolov

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    There is also some evidence that gun violence is actually declining in the US. The problem is we hear about the ones that happen way more now.

    Personally, I don't care to own a gun - but I didn't grow up with 2nd Amendment rights as a thing, and I know that it is an important right for many people in the US. Whether or not background checks and other such things really deter gun violence is pretty much ambiguous right now. I have read many studies and meta-analysis and the overwhelming conclusion tends to be "sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't."

    It's a tough problem.
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  10. Ragic

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    You know all those refugees from Syria? I'm guessing they weren't allowed to own guns.
  11. Ohmin

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  12. Boozha

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    You know all the happy, peaceful people in Germany? Neither are they.

    You know all those violent pirates in Somalia? Nobody stops those from owning guns.

    You know the civilians in Afghanistan? Many of them own guns and still get killed.

    You and your totemic worship for guns.
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  13. JazzMan1221

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    If the 1930s have taught us anything it's that banning something entirely isn't going to do jack Bane Shift about restricting its usage. In most cases it will actually do more harm than good, since it gives people a reason to resort to illegal tactics to obtain said item. Furthermore, it's not the general availability of guns which causes so many accidents and mass shootings, but rather the lenient restrictions regarding who can own and carry a gun. A simple criminal records check won't do it, but a full-on personality test administered by trained professionals under the guidance of government officials would be unacceptable as well for other reasons (privacy for one thing, time/monetary constraints for another).
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  14. Boozha

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    Yep, all people in Germany, Britain etc. are just striving to own guns so badly, they resort to any means to get them!

    Ah, no, most don't give a damn, including most criminals. Getting a weapon here is hard and expensive and hardly anyone bothers. It just gives the police a good reason to shoot you.
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  15. JazzMan1221

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    Except we're not talking about Europe, we're talking about America. Even in places where guns aren't as much of a cultural symbol as they are in America, those who do desire firearms will find the means to possess one. And if it's not legal, then logically they will obtain one illegally.
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  16. Boozha

    Boozha I need me some PIE!

    You mean the US. And no, most people here will not find the means to possess a firearm. Or do those who desire to own a space shuttle automatically find the means to possess one.
  17. kalasle

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    There are some pretty fundamental differences between firearms and alcohol, though.
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  18. DarkJello

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    Reading comprehension is your responsibility Boozha. Nobody else can do it for you.

    Cost of a gun. Cost of a space shuttle. Purpose of a gun. Purpose of a space shuttle. And other such details.
  19. Sokolov

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    One interesting thing I've noticed in the gun control debate is that people simultaneously argue "we aren't other countries" but at the same time "look at other countries that have gun laws but still have violent crime."

    I get confused by that.


    Within the US itself, there does seem to be gun ownership correlation with gun deaths on a state by state level.

    Note: I didn't fact check this graph, but the presentation seems fine if the data is correct.
  20. darklord48

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    Gun free zones keep honest people from bringing guns into them. They may prevent a few shootings, by someone on the edge of snapping. However they also broadcast to criminals that there are less armed civilians to interfere when a crime is being committed.
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