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    Greetings Everyone,

    The Steam Summer Sale is here, and from June 22nd through July 5th select Desert Owl Games products will be discounted up to 65%!


    Pox Nora Steam Bundles Sale
    Two all-new, exclusive starter bundles are available on the Steam Store...and for the Steam Summer sale are marked down 65%! The Protectorate Starter Bundle and Wrath Starter Bundle each contain 4 of the new marketplace decks.

    Note: The contents of each bundle can be found on their respective Steam pages. Bundles are limited to one (1) per Steam account. Bundles can only be redeemed by one (1) Pox Nora account and will be added upon logging into the game through Steam.

    New Marketplace Decks
    Pox Nora now has 8 new decks available on the Marketplace which replace the previous offerings. These new Protectorate and Wrath decks are designed to be competitive in matches and price!

    The Huntsman: Winter’s Curse Sale
    The narrative-driven RPG The Huntsman: Winter’s Curse is now on sale, marked down 60%!

    Hotfix: June 22nd
    A hotfix has been deployed to increase the game's stability.



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