Dread stacks, saddens us

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sagratanas, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. Sagratanas

    Sagratanas The King of Potatoes

    4-5 champs with dread = lions become uncleansable kittens, could you do smth for it?
  2. Fentum

    Fentum I need me some PIE!

    Kill all the champs
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  3. Sagratanas

    Sagratanas The King of Potatoes

    with -10dmg? (not counting dmz+curse champs to make it worse) You give -10 dmg to a champ to survive the round. He had them to survive the game.
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  4. Sagratanas

    Sagratanas The King of Potatoes

    Fentum's Wrath (10 nora) *Kills all the champs
  5. Sagratanas

    Sagratanas The King of Potatoes

    Would be fine if it would stack up to 3, at least. The range is way far than any ranged, after 3 champs you don't need any extra debuff to maintain the fight. Just minor heals to the dread champs would do. It's not that impossible to fight over them but still, I'm here cause I felt the carelessness while were thinking what would penetrate their being. (FW/FS) There were Aspect of Death + Angel of Death + Bonewing + Inkblight Witch + Some Unspeakable guys with Bubble of protections, Cleansing mists etc. you can guess. Not urgently asking anything but consider this stuff. He doesn't run any Combat awereness champ, I would run, would be even more toxic.
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  6. Fentum

    Fentum I need me some PIE!

    OK. Slightly more seriously, but only slightly...

    I've never seen so many Dread champs out as I focus down one at a time and take them out. If they build up then they are a problem. Applying unrelenting pressure is my general approach. I usually main UD so I would use high base damage, Mindslicer Boomerang, Acrid Smoke (for a breather turn), and Retribution if necessary.

    PS Fentum's Wrath looks a bit OP as proposed. 15 Nora I'd be fine with. Make it global. Refunds 5 Nora per friendly Demon in play to a max of 50 Nora. NOW you're talking!
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  7. Sagratanas

    Sagratanas The King of Potatoes

    My concern is about a potential that can be abused, teorically it is abusable. They are usefull champs with dread when fight is alive killing some of them doesn't exactly solve everything. But yea whatever.
  8. JazzMan1221

    JazzMan1221 Better-Known Member

    Some general tips on dealing with Dread decks:

    - The Dread champs are all quite expensive. Aspect, Angel, and Blinking Creeper clock in at over 80 nora each. This means the deck is very slow and prone to sudden rushes. If you suspect you're playing against such a deck, @Fentum has the right idea in that you should look to apply as much early pressure as possible. Contest their fonts often, preferably with as cheap a unit as possible.

    - Spot-removal is your friend. By the sound of your OP, I assume you were playing Leoss. IS has a few good options in the spot-removal department with Blink and Divinity's Touch to get rid of problem champs for a while. ST gives you access to Gale Force which is super good vs. the generally clustered Dread deck. Anything that applies damage-over-time effects is also a good bet, as Dread decks generally have very poor sustain, so any small amounts of damage you can do will stack up quickly.

    - Divide and conquer. This one is map-dependent, but whenever possible you should look to split fights on opposite sides of the map. Dread decks like to keep all their champs in one place in order to stack their auras. Even with the massive range of 8, if you're on a big map like FS Swamp, IS Pass, or either of the ST maps, be sure to fight on multiple fronts if you can.

    - Spell spam. I don't suggest this lightly, as I loathe spell spam as a tactic, but against Dread it really does work. AOE spells can often provide the damage you'll need to finish things off once your champs get too weak. Don't hesitate to use an entire AOE spell to kill a single Dread champ, especially if they've invested extra nora into it with equipment. All told, the number of champions with Dread is actually rather small. Once you take out one of them, taking out the others becomes infinitely easier.
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  9. Sagratanas

    Sagratanas The King of Potatoes

    It was a sudden dissapointment that I had about this thread, since dread focus bgs not so common It doesn't bothers me much either, but still I believe this will be a topic again after a well-thought bg has done with the same concept. (Had UD/FS collective mostly using to divide and rush. Had what I had, Did what I could.)

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