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  2. Dwlr

    Dwlr I need me some PIE!

    Sorry it took so long I got distracted by a movie while rendering out the border so it took a bit longer than anticipated the actual request wasn't too bad, but I'll have nightmares about the border.

    I got to your request and looked up the artwork for Mosharn and the Wall of Ailur, The Wall of Ailur is cut off on multiple sides and Mosharn has very limited amount to work with even though he can be put on a canvas he's pretty much falling off the canvas so a much smaller canvas is really all that's viable. Basically with the selected characters I cannot fill your request as there is simply no way to place them on the canvas once they're rendered from their card images.



    The Extispicer has the same problem Mosharn and the Wall of Ailur have, large foreground object in the Skeezick with that foreground object being cut off on the right side, the Jellebrium is cut off on the top, left and right side itself as well. If the skeezick wasn't there I could do a cover up in a water sig, but with the skeezick there I can't do an underwater sig and my hand would be forced to extend the marsh as the background which isn't possible due to the points of cutoff on the character and foreground object.

    There is info on a the first page of what causes problems with selecting a character ideally a character should not be cut off on any sides and should be a free a character that is fairly large. Pox runes are relatively small and confined within a set frame this makes them less than ideal to use, but there are quite a few usable ones amongst them there is just a lot working against them rendering some of the entirely unusable.

    A render ideally shouldn't have the majority of the surface free so that any background and foreground can be edited onto the signature for ideal results.
    Example of a render I did previously, while it is cut off it is cut off at the bottom where it won't be a problem in any average signature:
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  3. Dwlr

    Dwlr I need me some PIE!

    Glad you like it, I always supported Votaev getting a card like the equivalent of Ctharia but it seems after all this time only FS gets a new hero, even FW has Sarinda. :/
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  4. xezno

    xezno I need me some PIE!

    Render/Image - KF's Dreambox
    Text - Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today.
    Font- Something dream like? Maybe even have just the text as the base with the box floating in the middle
    size - 500 x 200 The size of Votaev's. It seems a little smaller. I like that.
    style - Popout with text along bottom or on either side with box in middle
    border - anything

    If you could do this that would be AMAZING! Thank you for providing this service! You are awesome!
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  5. Dwlr

    Dwlr I need me some PIE!

    The text you want if you want the text as the base will define the width, text takes a lot of space it'll need to be 500 to be used as a viable base infront of the box.

    Text with the dreambox floating had to add some flowers due to the side of the box looking awkward without something of a cover up, not sure this is what you wanted though

    *I updated the first post with my ignore list just in-case anybody on it requests something they know to have somebody else let me know otherwise it'll go overlooked.
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  6. Agirgis1

    Agirgis1 Forum Royalty

    Thanks Dwir ! :D , let me know if you want anything from me
  7. xezno

    xezno I need me some PIE!

    WOW I am impressed. Thank you for doing this! It kind of has a major chickish feel but then again I like having an ambiguity it causes all the same. I am a KF player after all ;)
    Actually what if the lettering was some shade of blue and it was just vines instead of flowers? I have no idea how hard that kind of change would be to do. If it is to much I am quite happy with this.

    Sorry for the delay in my reply. Having serious laptop issues but hope to have those resolved soon.

    EDIT: Name a legendary and I will throw it in for the trouble
  8. Dwlr

    Dwlr I need me some PIE!

    I can change the lettering but I can't really remove the flowers from the vine as the image is one and the same, I don't have any vine resources on me, but the flower on the far left covers up the edge of the box where just a vine wouldn't.

    Out of all the legends Defiler Knight or Sixul the Worldender would be my top choices others would have to be Dark Apprentice, Dugon, Garu Stalwart, Dwarven Windfury, Ironfist Minister, Royal Geomancer, or Woodland Diplomat.

    Going to assume everybody who's got a sig is everybody that wants one and close down again, starting to remove the images from the posts here as ike I said Tinypic reuses links and those who chose not to re-upload are taking their own risks continuing to use the direct links from here. I leave the edit for xezno a little longer since he said he was having computer problems and all.

    Edit March, 9th 2015
    Removed all images from thread.
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  9. Dwlr

    Dwlr I need me some PIE!

    It's about time to re-open the shop, for now I'm only taking request for userbars to keep my workload down.
  10. Baskitkase

    Baskitkase Forum Royalty

    Very nice work.
  11. RedCourage

    RedCourage The King of Potatoes

    Make me something. I offer 1 hundred in rune value. You do everything.
  12. Dwlr

    Dwlr I need me some PIE!

    There's a certain form you need to fill out, I'm not going to guess what you want. Read the first post.
  13. Anima26

    Anima26 I need me some PIE!

    Hey Dwlr, thanks for directing me here.

    Id love it if you were able to make me a signature.

    1) Render/Image : http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20091126153033/finalfantasy/images/3/3d/Faythanima.jpg (Ideally i would like to use this image but if it is not possible i can source an alternative. I currently dont have any.)

    Alternative images:

    2) Text : Oblivion
    3) Font : Any (Anything Gothic i guess would fit the theme?)
    4) Size : Any
    5) Style : Black/dark crimson/dark puple like colors. Maybe like a dark void/abyss. As it is Anima i would like it if it was fitting to the character. She embodies pain, sacrifice and suffering.
    7) Border : Anything u think is suitable


    Just want a sig of Anima from Final Fantasy X basically, but i particularly like that image i found and posted a link to above. Youre free to make it look how you see fit. Im sure i will appreciate it.
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  14. Dwlr

    Dwlr I need me some PIE!

    That's a character? Is it supposed to be that small? The best I could do is to try to apply effects around the image, with that size and the quality of the image it'd be hard to get a even somewhat clean extraction from the black. The best I'll be able to do is to treat it like a sprite of some sort, so whilst I can try to use that image I can't really guarantee the result.
  15. Anima26

    Anima26 I need me some PIE!

    No i just found the image quickly and quite liked it, if its not appropriate enough then how about the two alternative images? Can you not place the image onto a bigger background ? I dont know how all this works.
  16. Dwlr

    Dwlr I need me some PIE!

    I can place the small image into a larger image yes, but increasing the actual size of the image will result in quality loss, meaning the maximum size is more or less the size of the image you gave me to start with. My standard size for a final product is 450x150 whilst the image you gave is 200x180 which means non-resized there is 250 pixels of 'dead space' to fill. Picture taking a pencil making a dot on a piece of paper and then taking a few steps back, the dot kind of gets lost right? Now of course this is an exaggeration it's not quite THAT extreme, but it's the same concept.

    The alternative images would be easier to work with, but I'll take a crack at the original image first and see what kind of result I can get with that, if it turns out poorly I'll just do another with an alternative image. The alternative images will take longer to get a result as it appears I'll have to render them myself, which isn't a problem just takes time.
  17. Anima26

    Anima26 I need me some PIE!

    Thanks for the reply. Im in no rush at all so take as much time as you need to complete it. We'll see how it turns out. :)
    And sorry for the less than perfect image samples btw, i struggled to find any good images of Anima on google.

    Appreciate your efforts.
  18. Dwlr

    Dwlr I need me some PIE!

    I tried multiple texts and I felt the that the print white looked the best personally.
    It's bigger than the usual since it was already a small image and I didn't want to shrink it any further.
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  19. Anima26

    Anima26 I need me some PIE!

    Awesome man, thats really impressive, its pretty much what i was imagining.

    If i had to say one thing (feel cheeky saying it) id say that the pinks more towards the foreground are a little bright for my tastes and if you could make the font a little smaller it would be perfect. Hope im not offending. Im happy to take it as it is though man. Nice work. :)
  20. Dwlr

    Dwlr I need me some PIE!

    Smaller text lowered contrast on the foreground.

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