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Discussion in 'Ironfist Stronghold' started by Tarth, Jun 27, 2014.

  1. super71

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    Old barbarians were so much cooler and more strategic the words my opponents would say after i summon a beast clan member and leap my 18 damage champ for the kill is priceless. The barbarians now are kinda laughable all barbs can now rend awesome....
  2. Gaedel

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    Dwarven Sharpshooter should have Precision on base. To me, that's what a "sharpshooter" does, is not miss.

    I agree that Ironfist Inquisitor and Vengeant Knight should not be Barbarians. They should be Humans. I don't understand why they changed Ironfist Inquisitor to Barbarian but they did not change Inquisitor Isran. They are both the same picture except for the color of the armor.
  3. Anotherblackman

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    Exemplar needs her class paladin back. She was always the Paladin barbarian that allowed holy blade of valdac a worthy spot on a unit.

    If that makes her barrage 3+ tough 1 build 85 nora so be it.

    Veng Knight is the man aswell. Although slow, once he gets incited, the charges damage and healing gets going.
  4. Tarth

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    Just back from Paris, so I thought I would ask how it is going for everyone who was able to play over the weekend? Any of these changes suck or work well or whatever is on your mind?
  5. Anotherblackman

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    Warcheif Inauguration: the zerker powers bestowed from this spell have been traded in favor of war chiefing up your guys. When used on a person with stone or storm clan, they gain 2 damage and 10 hp. This stacks up. So pretty much you can have a carry style champions from any champion, especially with stone and blood clan abilities getting slung around through death.

    Exemplar changes: Exemplar was always a power unit. The farshot 3 version that they made her into was extremely awkward and martyrdom was watered down hardcore. Now that she has barrage, she is making it back into barb decks as the go to ranged dominance girl.

    Bastion the Avenger: Is there anyway we could switch out rank 1 battle harden for blessed? I thought the upgrade worked out well when he was getting tanky from stone clan. I never liked battle harden because it makes you force to deploy bastion late or mid game to get use out of all the nora he was upgraded to be worth. Makes for a soggy first turn deploy. With blessed, he was getting some good mileage both early game and late game and it wasn't a complete sand bag on bastion in his cheap version.

    The displaced(kinsmans whatever)- Extremely expensive but hard to judge if its worth it I feel if a barb is going to cost more than 90 nora in the theme it should have a way to get a clan ability.

    Barbarian huntress: She is amazing for her cost. Zerking range 6 is no joke, especially when you get the stone clan on her.

    Zedin: All he ever needed was a little ray lewis style and a war chief buffs. This guy is now the lion of sarngeharver.
  6. StupidJerk

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    I'm really confused. When I deploy Barbarian Bolt, its abilities are still the same as before, and they're unchanged in the rune manager as well. On poxbase, all the abilities have been changed, though. Same with Wild Chieftain.
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  7. StupidJerk

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    I also think that they should make Ironfist Inquisitor just human, and make Northern Cross Fanatic a barbarian instead. VK makes sense since he was trained from a barbarian tribe, and the Fanatic looks very barbaric as well. The Inquisitor, however, doesn't look anything of the sort, and she seems pretty out of place in a barbarian BG.
  8. Fikule

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    What is actually the problem with her being a barbarian? She can still be run in Paladins.

    Also her flavor text says she was promoted to inquisitor from an interrogator. So it makes sense that she's a barbarian, even if she put a helmet on :)
  9. StupidJerk

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    Oh. So it does. My bad.
    I guess the biggest thing I'm going for here is that I want to run Fanatic in my barbarian BGs. :p
  10. Gaedel

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    Good point! In that case shouldn't Inquisitor Isran be a barbarian? The picture is the same except the armor colors.

    I'm all for Fanatic being barbarian. Makes sense.
  11. Tarth

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    Inquisitor is a promoted interrogator which is a barbarian. Thats why she is a barbarian, since its currently a race it should be treated as one.
  12. StupidJerk

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    Yes, Fikule already said that.
  13. Cydna

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    Buff Isran
  14. Tarth

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  15. Gaedel

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    Agreed. She doesn't bring enough to the table for Paladins for her cost.

    Change her to Race: Barbarian

    Upgrade 1: Inquisition, Punish, Declare Target
    Upgrade 2: Commander: Paladin, Consecration, Battle Leader

    The upgrades give her Inquisitor flavor and Barbarian flavor with remnants of her past life as an Interrogator. In a Barbarian battlegroup you can choose Punish or Declare Target from Upgrade 1 and Battle Leader from Upgrade 2. For Paladin battlegroups you could choose Inquisition from Upgrade 1 or Commander: Paladin or Consecration from Upgrade 2.
  16. Anotherblackman

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    YOur comments about warcheift inaurgeration is weird to me tbh. IF you extensivly played the barbarian theme you would realse this spell can turn anyone(and I do mean anyone) into a monster of a champion for 50 nora(40 if you have nomads out like me)

    I spam this spell on zedin and bastion and if they die, I position right on a champion that can use the abilities and I spam this on all over again.

    This spell plus tactical manual is pure barbarian win.

    and Also YOu are running zedin wrong if you have charge as his upgrades, My personal favorite is cleave. Nothing like acting like zedins Leonidas for a quick second.
  17. Tarth

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    You are not understanding so ill try to be more clear. The way the spell works is that it gives +1 damage and 5hp per type of Warchief right? It also grants Warchief: Blood Clan but this does not stack. So while you CAN target say a Wild Chieftain to get+1 damage and 5hp since it cant stack Blood clan it is 100% more effective to cast it on a non Blood Clan Chief such as a Stone clan bastion, or a Bolt. Which there are a max of 4 counting Bastion who get +10hp and 2dmg for 1 cast, at least that's what my my tests were doing.

    I'm suggesting, that it does the exact same thing as it currently does, but instead of applying Blood Clan ( fearless and ranks of rend) it grants Warchief : X clan similar to how Honorary Sigil doesn't apply a sigil but allows the griffin to benefit from them. So you can target Blood clans and get the normal +2dmg and 10hp with out having to double cast it. Which effectively increases the target pool to include the 4 blood clan chiefs ( 5 is bastion is counted again) for full effect. I hope that makes more sense?

    Your argument, which is valid, is that you can just double cast it on anyone to get the same effectiveness but it seems worse off then it could be.

    Edit: And to be clear, I do NOT only just play Barbarians, as I fully believe that Barbarians should require help from dwarfs or constructs for non human or barbarian styled mechanics. That any mono race bg should synergize together but lack the versatility of a mixed race bg simply do to design limits on each race.

    As for Zedin, I prefer being able to increase my threat range by 2-4 spaces on any champion at any time. Its just preference, which is ironic since it makes intimidating actually stronger when you can reach farther. Call to Arms would get more ticks out of Cleave.
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  18. Thbigchief

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    - Warchief : Stone clan gives the only really useful buff in tough. It is only on an exotic and legendary both of which are not widely known as being auto-includes even in the theme to which they are designed for. Releasing more warchiefs will help in a way, but not the right move yet imo.

    - Warchief needs to provide some type of leadership characteristic that benefits a warchiefs underlings.... currently it gives a static singular buff that hops which is bizarre and kind of meh. Rend, the air attack thingy which is wonky and tough. These all need to be scrapped tbh. We have champs that rend and have tough so its a wash and counter intuitive on those champs. The only way I would say keep mass rend is if the devs make an "Ironfist Exploit" ability where eviscerated condition is a part of, otherwise dump it all.

    - How does being a warchief only help the chief? What kind of tribal situation is this lol... They need to inspire and gain strength from their allies. Add some weak but flavorfulblanket buff to all warchiefs on the field and also a more creative flavorful set of abilities granted that have some synergy.

    Stone - Grants Aid defense (Defensive but still racially controlled)

    Blood - Grants Bravery (Aggressive but controlled by enemy troops and racial proximity)

    Storm - Grants Barbarian Warcry (A supportish mechanic that doesnt exist yet but you get the idea)

    - Just quick "examples" not in stone... but of better mechanics that would actually increase synergy for barbarians rather then just static old stand alone abilities that don't add any depth to gameplay...rend/tough/air attack thingy

    p.s. Sarng. Centaur needs to be a chieftain prolly. Give him one base and one upgrade imo
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  19. Cydna

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  20. Tarth

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    Looks fine. Imo, it is way to early to have any idea of best champ line up so its all about testing anything and everything. I have really come to like the Barb archer for its ranged sunder + kit. the Interrogator as a 80 nora beater with ap gen and shatter, or even Barb commander as a 88 nora beater/buffer, etc. Point being the only truely auto barbarians imo are the Wild Chiefs and that's just because of high damge/speed+warchief+incite. With declare target, drive, and invig in the race incite is less of a must but still really good. From Senshu it seems beast will go on the mounted Hawkmaster and Skirmisher so if you want to play with a number of beasts the booster units are actually good imo on top of boost.

    With all 3 rebuke champions in your bg, I would really like to suggest the herder for invig on enemy units forcing them to take 3-9 damge per ap depending on rank/number in range. It can really be a good off chain source of alt damage. Throw in drive from houndmaster and it can really add up. I killed a unit outright by having invigs 4 ap deal 36 damage to the target. Was kinda intensely awesome to see but unsure how often you could expect it.

    I think there are a lot of options for unit slots right now which is great. direction wise its gotten a lot clearer what they bring to the table in and out of mono race bgs so that a huge boon imo. Can it be better? Sure it can, but step by step.

    EDIT: And I do want to make a small caveat about the Savage plansmen. He might exemplify the good design of mutual need and not be as sucky as I think/thought. Yes, his base 8 damage, high price, and easy target+ low hp all make me doubt him. However, boost 3 + incite now add +6damage, 2spd, 8hp, and 1 def. Throw in BM3, Battle Harden 1-3, drive or any other abilities that increase damage and he does run people down. While providing a solid wall of hp.

    So he can be a monster with a decent set up. If anything its the Kinsmen and Fist being overly good that make this guy feel bad. So I could just be crazy when I gave him such a low score. What do you guys think?
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