Let me spin you a manly yarn

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    SO THERE I WAS, in Jellyfish Fields!

    My supply of bubble soap was dangerously low. And as I blew my last bubble........the unthinkable happened.


    I cursed Neptune for his fickle ways as I watched my only hope get lost among the tides. Surrounded by my enemies, weaponless and alone, I thought I was done for. My thoughts were filled with the jellyfish I had captured over the years, tickled for their sweet jelly, and let go to wander the fields once more. Oh how I would miss them!

    As I prepared to fight to the death with nothing but my bare, porous fists........the unthinkable happened yet again.

    The tone of the wind, whereas before was a low mournful howl, perhaps to serve as my final requiem, became filled with the gleeful war cry of my long-time ally Sir Patrick. This couldn't be! I thought. Adjusting my sights to the north, there I spied atop a rocky crag, Sir Patrick, his jellyfish net held high, gleaming in the evening sun. Deftly swinging to and fro, he carved a path towards my prone body.

    No words were spoken between us; merely a meeting of eyes was sufficient to express my undying gratitude for his timely rescue. Handing me my own precious net, Old Reliable, we stood together against the unending jellyfish hoard.

    The familiar wood in my grasp, hope was restored, and I allowed myself a grimace of pride. For on that day, no jellyfish was left uncaught, no tentacle left untickled, as Sir Patrick and I sated our lust for both blood and jelly.

    Twas a battle worthy of song, and come morning oh what songs we sung!

    The day was won, and as we departed Jellyfish Fields with a king's ransom of jelly, in the back of my mind a single thought echoed without pause: I should tell Squidward about this.
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