LVL es el mejor gremio en el juego cabrones

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by newsbuff, May 17, 2016.

  1. newsbuff

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    LVL pase de lista brots andale
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  2. newsbuff

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  3. Sirius

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  4. Markoth

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    Pizza calzone mario pasta. Graci
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  6. newsbuff

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    nadie aparte de los gringos aqui que lastima
  7. poinl

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    bron chi tai veren al perembo
  8. themacca

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    g'day mate.
  9. Firk

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    No soy mexicano o español , pero entiendo de todas formas
  10. newsbuff

    newsbuff Forum Royalty

    mi gremio no esta en los foros por k uds solamente hablan el puta ingles
  11. JellyBerry

    JellyBerry Forum Royalty

    I feel like I should be offended by this somehow.

    Carry on.


    Indeed it is either Spain or Mexico, nobody else in the world speaks Spanish.
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  12. poinl

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    I love spongebob btw
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  14. Jawey

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  15. Jawey

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    Este es un juego creado por gente anglohablante y jugado en su mayor parte por gente que habla en ingles. No esperes encontrarte frecuentemente personas hispanohablantes ni tampoco hagas flaming en los foros acerca de tu gremio o lo que sea. Es por gente como vos, que le gusta flamear/insultar, que juegos como el LoL, DotA, etc, tienen comunidades muy toxicas y que la gente de otros paises piensan que los hispanohablantes somos mal educados/agresivos/estupidos. Intentemos no perturbar el orden en la comunidad de PoxNora. Si no te gusta no poder entender lo que los demás dicen, aprende ingles o jugá otro juego. No perturbes los foros por favor.

    English version:
    This is a game created by people that speaks english and played mostly by people that speak english. Do not spect to frecuently find hispanic people and do not flame in forums about your guild or whatever it is. Its because of people like you, people who like to flame/insult, that games like LoL, DotA and stuff, have toxic communities and people from other countries think that hispanic people is rude/agressive/stupid. Lets try to not disturb the order in PoxNora's community. If you dont like to not understand what people says here, go learn some english or play a different game. Please, do not disturb forums.
  16. Willow

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  17. newsbuff

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    no eres miembro del gremio? por lo tanto callate la puta boca por favor. hay jugadores que tiene sentido de humor quien se gusta las bromas juguetonas, si lo no esta serio, no pasa nada. porque lloras? los gremios, y el juego tambien, son totalmente insignificantes, en verdad quien se importa por ese juego con 100 jugadores? relejate cruzador, no tienes que salvar el foro y proteger los pobrecitos gringos, permitenos hablar espanol. joder. que chillon

    english version: I respectfully disagree with your assertion, kind sir. Let us exchange our discourse with mutual respect and good will for this most gentlemanly of video games and forums.
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  18. JellyBerry

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    You know, if you took as much as five seconds to check his profile, you would know this is pretty much an in-joke at the expense of Zeya.

    Also, generally speaking, if you conduct yourself as an idiot people will perceive you as one regardless of nationality or stereotypes (as shown on a daily basis on our beloved general discussion and quite possibly the off-topic section) so worry not about what the community does (or doesn't) as much as you should about what you, being part of said community, do.


    - Jelly from South America, Mexican to North Americans.
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  19. Jawey

    Jawey Well-Known Member

    Ok, ill wont worry anymore
  20. Cinder405

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    Otra mamada de esas y me deja seco compa.
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