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    - Yeah barbs are prolly cheapest per power rating...dorfs used to be the cheapest but some the latest cool dorfs seem to be higher rarity. Paladins still pretty expensive? What I mean is effort vs deck power.

    - I'd go with barbs for less synergy management. They are straight forward...not that paladins or dorfs are harder to play just have to manage Carouse/brand etc
  2. Hierokliff

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    maybe for you, but for me...
    dwarfs have neither bastion,zedin,pureblood or north cross priestess
    sure they have ironfist minister and north cross cardinal, but nah they are weaker then barbs. well ok they got semmiran noble, but Drunken Revel must bug getting so much damage so i dont use him.
    but hmm both of them are way behind Leoss in power though, and for cheapest powerful deck in shards i would think leoss wins there also. since you dont really want to use the exotics and they have no legendary. Its just annoying to remember to use them in pair so they get that crazy race buff. (and they aint IS...really they shouldnt be... :)
  3. Markoth

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    Its +3 whenever a dwarf gets Drunk so you can use Keg Toss to hit multiples and get tons of damage. You can also deploy any of the champs with Drunken to get a spot +1 Ap and +3 damage.
  4. Ivendar

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    Well atm. I have some kind of dwarven/barbarian mix. 2 Crusaders as those are really great with the buffs and constant heals through ground, 2 Ironfist Minister, 1 Warsaint. But I have not yet tested my own deck in PVP as I have not leveled everything up yet and still need to do some more games with greeting ability I use Jakei Frostseer for. Somehow there doesn't seem to exist a jab ability. Someone told that's sabotage now but I tried it by using 2 Succubus with that and did not count. So last times I played in pvp I just had the standard deck. Hmm spells for destroy relics sounds interesting, taking a look at that one. :) Yeah Holy Blade is cool. Time to forge one. ^^
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  5. Ivendar

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    Hm I think it's really kind of bad balancing. Skull of decay removes 50% of my healing but the amplify healing 50% buffs I could do would count for enemy too while they use Life Siphon and the like. Atm I can't see how to conter those Serkan Lich and others and if I happen to get a strong hero somehow they just remove the abilities. Also blink doesn't help on that because then my buffed up hero like Crusader is resetted to start. And I don't have enough of the stronger units yet. No Keg Toss and the like for me as I don't have the crystals. But especially that 50% healing reduce for me while enemy loose nothing is kind of annoying.
  6. Hierokliff

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    Atm FW is a bit stronger then IS, its ok. I dont run healing, almost none atleast. Useally when i play PvP there are nothing to be healed, the units get killed or not touched. so if you got dwarven beermaid smack beer on all the units you can that is +4hp/turn, on a crusader its +9hp/turn. IF you got zedin/bastion they have warchief:stoneclan, so when they die their warding shield is transported to the nearest barbarian, if your lucky its a crusader near. then they cant cast spell on your crusader and you will have a superchamp. crusader is crazy good with full plate mail, sure he cant move much but he just dont take damage anymore. (until they cast soulreave or equip LoLdaggers)
    But against FW except that your champions will die, dont try to make them superchamps, just deploy combat units and keep spread out so that they will not bomb all of your troops if its a worm player with that annoying Bile Zombie.
    if i had a way to beat them i would tell you, but atm its luck when i do win against them, feels real good though :)

    read FW forum a bit, they have their problems, so reading a bit there can give clues on which type of deck they are using. if they drop out skeleteons you should win if you got battleleader/medal of valor ready.
  7. Ivendar

    Ivendar New Member

    Thanks for the hints. Yeah well I don't have Zedin or Bastion unfortunately :) Also no Dwarf Hooligan or Noble. Missing all those barbarians too.

    Atm using
    2x Angel of Al'Mara, 1x Armorer, 1x Ayla, 1x Barb Druid, 1x Council Elder, 1x Crusader, 1x Beermaiden, 1x Sharpshooter, 1x Tinkerer, 1x Earth Golem, 1x Ethereal Priestess, 1x Euan, 1x Griffin Rider, 1x Houndmaster, 1x IS Collector, 1x Minister, 1x Warsaint, 1x War Enchanted Groble, 1x Weaponsmith
    Others spells, relic and equip. I don't have Holy Blade yet or Northern Cross Priestess and all the like so I cannot really go full dwarf or barb as I miss too many of the good but it's still some good combination in more unit focused battles and also made sure I got some stealth detection from Ayla and Thor and the Houndmaster's dogs.

    My biggest problem is always they remove my abilities permanently or have short lived spell or what the like. And then blink doesn't help because it resets a maybe good unit to a bad again, so Warchief spell and the like gone and with 8 damage and 50 hp Crusader is not good at start for 75 nora. Of course it happens that I'm just overrun with stronger units, especially ranged can cause problems but again there's more tactics involved too and something you can try to do. I know for example have at least bit more ranged as before and having Mobility makes it easier to send a Unit behind the lines to get their archers. Crabs also nice for that if already tough. :D

    What I will try to get next are some more of the constructs as well as some other factions troops to see what's best to mix up.
    Btw. does shielded help against area of effect spell damage ? It won't help vs. ground effects Iam aware of that but AOE ?
  8. Hierokliff

    Hierokliff The King of Potatoes

    No shielded works only single target spells, AoE spells are useally just good if they use :) it hurts their nora cost alot more then it hurts our troops. There is an ability Weaken Spells, that commander nisk and favored nomad has that helps vs AoE if you think that is needed.
    Ok try to get a Bastion the avenger, i got my 3rd because i really use him in almost all BG's, so i have him with 3 different upgrades. He has been nerfed alot but is still crazy hardhitting.
    Blink is a great attack spell, if they have a superchamp out, blink it, move your own tank/meat unit into its position so it cant come back.
    I use Crusader for 69 nora execute+trail, he is awesome from the start, he can easy go and hold a font on his own or force my enemy to use spells or bring more troops over to that fight. weaponsmith, master axeman, brewmaster are also great on go away on their own and be annoying until you can get support over. and if they dont, blink their unit and hold position with crusader, until you have troops to oneround the superunit.

    if you use earth golem, either use the spell 'spare parts' or dwarven handler with rev'em up, rev'em up on a earth golem makes him move 2 steps at the end of your turn towards enemy and suddenly this horrible slow moving monster is finally getting near combat before its too late.

    Yeah IS have great units, our enemies knows that and packs spells that remove our champs or weakens them, so sometimes its almost better to check hp/nora cost ratio instead of try to have cool/good abilities.
    for instance Earth Elemental is amazing, Ghoulhunter also, so much hp for so little nora. Earth elementals is a great way to start test 'rock defiance' ability, get 2 marsch trolls, 2 grobble, 2 earth elementals (& earth golems) and see how they all get +1hpmax if any of them get hit, and +1dmg and its possible to reach 100+ hps pretty fast. if you get a stonearm sash i would test it on euan or any ranged unit like sharp shooter/griffin rider.
  9. Hierokliff

    Hierokliff The King of Potatoes

    Elemental warstaffs, they are also grrrrreat dwarfs, and you should get a few from skirmish games, they can solve some of your spell problem since they can be run shielded or with scry so you get more runes faster. also 57/59nora unit with alot of hps and 4 damage types. if they use spells on that unit they have lost alot of nora for it.

    oh the balance of cheap units vs heavy hitting monster units, puh this game is soooooo annoying fun.
  10. Markoth

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    I prefer him with Spell Resistance
  11. Ivendar

    Ivendar New Member

    Yay will try to get all those good runes. Just long way to get. :) Did not get last achievement done. 40 PVP games played was too much for me to get done in time as I spend too much for the other 3 parts leveling troops with proper abilities first. I really prefer to get those shielded units, if they then kill something using serveral AOE or units + AOE it's in my opinion a much more fair fight or loss if something then die. Of course there's still strong units which are a danger. But not those annoying spells which basically don't take effort. Btw. I can't find Ayla in Rune Forge. I have 2 and want to sacrifice one of them for shards. Not possible or isn't she named Ayla in Rune Forge. Already tried to find her using search but no luck, searching for Huntress also only show me Barbarian Huntress and scrolling the whole named units with A I was not able to find her as well.
  12. Hierokliff

    Hierokliff The King of Potatoes

    No she is a limited rune so you cant sacrifice her
  13. Gaedel

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    For you new players, welcome to IS! This is my favorite faction, Dwarves my favorite race (until they come out with Halflings). I have runes for all factions, but I always default to IS. Other factions are fun as well, but this is a really good place to start.
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