New Shattered Peaks Council member, and the most pressing issues in SP

Discussion in 'Shattered Peaks' started by devilsrath, Nov 4, 2014.

  1. Farfallo

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    For the love of baby christ in the manger, can we rescue Shallaxy from his lobotomy vacay. He's like that really cool uncle that unfortunately spiraled into a heroin binge.
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  2. Ifem21

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    I play with lots of SP themes, so let me just say some things:

    MOGA/GHERN: They need what Wofflet say, a G'hern that can survive and deal with high dfds champs.
    NIDS: I personally like the Debuff theme on them, and only use one Djin (Ifrit) for his 7spd + Immunity physical, but the others are dispensable for me. They need to fit a better role than just add Beserker and some (poor) sup to the table.
    SLAGS: They are good to play like they are, but need some beater unit.
    CLOPS: They need fixing in siblings, and some of them are lacking something (like stonecaller) and need re-work.
    BEASTS: For me they are fine as they are, but only in split bg, maybe more sinergy with the SP beast will fix it.
    LIGHTING: Need serious rework, the key runes are pretty useless (Lighting Elemental and Cyclonic Fesh are good exemples).
    KANEN (Split): They are good as they are, just some of them that are a bit broken (Ritual Crone are awfull) like Scavenger, that dog is op.
    VOIL: They are too strong right now, need nerf (but not too much like Trees) maybe remobing that lots of buffs will help.

    This are just something that I think, fell free to discuss...
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  3. Sammich

    Sammich Member

    My absolute priority, now that I'm back and pushy as ever, is getting G'hernbound back to the way it was. This new version brings a Native-American-litter-hating tear to my eye.
  4. PurpleTop

    PurpleTop I need me some PIE!

    Yeah moga/ghern decks are super meh right now. Sad
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