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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MikeLin, May 3, 2019.

  1. MikeLin

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    Atm(Currently Version 3):
    1. Removed '0' from ability filter in champions for abilities that don't have levels
    2. Added Abilities tab and the functionality to find a single ability

    To do:
    1. I'll add a checklist to the homepage when I'm not lazy
    2. Download all images and icons from cloud so we have a copy for the future
    3. Add more filters
    4. Venmo/Paypal
    5. Remove <Condition> and similar from abilities and other areas where this shows up

    Version 1:
    1. pls let the the page load fully before using any functionality on it.
    2. the homepage find doesn't work. Just click on the Champions, Spells, Relics, Equipments in nav bar
    3. After you do a find in champions page, press the back button to do another search[/SPOILERr]

    Version 2:
    1. Pages are now much faster but please still let the page load fully before trying to use any functionality
    2. Removed homepage find
    3. Added a way to keep using filters after initial find without using back button
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  2. 19madfox95

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    This better be up when the main page goes down because I do want to look at the gorgeous pictures and read descriptions from time to time, but am too stupid to do it myself and too lazy to copy and paste it one by one.
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  3. MikeLin

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  4. Gnomes

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  5. Runegod

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    Made a better search engine than the developers lol, well done.
  6. poxrooster

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    BUMP, Make this better.
  7. polltroy

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    Please make a 5th tab: Abilities. This would be sooo usefull with possibility to search for ability and then get full description quickly
  8. MikeLin

    MikeLin I need me some PIE!

    Version 3 is up with your request.

    Such as....
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  9. Belthoron

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    thanks for the work and making available a new search website :)
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  10. polltroy

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    Thanks, its really a great update and this is something that Pox was lacking for years. A database to check abilities should be available ingame and on the pox website, but it never did. Now at least it exists on your page :)

    ... however it seems its not complete? I tried to find the ability Dragon God staff and it was not on list? Maybe it does not include relic and equipment abilities? It really should.

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