Sexiest Official Pox Nora Rune Art

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    The purpose of this thread is to appreciate the official Pox Nora rune art that prominently features titties is sexy as hell, sometimes uncomfortably so. Many of these wonderful works of art have been featured by the developers in primary promotional materials, such as when Barbarian Buttress trading cards (with Limited Edition skin redemption codes) were given out at conventions or for expansion release promotions/wallpapers like in the case of sunglade dryad.

    Note: Normally I'd say b00bs, but that is now a filtered naughty word, so I have to say titties instead.

    1. Tasteful(?) Side- and Under-tit
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    2. I Never Realized Trees Could be so Hot
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    3. Stacked to the Hilt
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    4. These aren't even champions and we still got humongous titties

    5. Raep Tree

    6. Full-Size Masochism Art - Too Hot To Handle

    7. "I Never Asked For This." - Unnecessary Titties

    Salaman Rook
    (With Incredibly Detailed Pixel Sprite Tit Physics, Enlarged for Your Pleasure)
    Sprite: [​IMG]
    Enlarged Sprite Animation, Lol
    Do Not Want
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    Just as a heads up, you misspelled "bosoms" multiple times.
  3. Lushiris

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    You forgot Starseer.
  4. BurnPyro

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    sweet tit revolution baby
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  5. newsbuff

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    tit rebellion 2016 in full effect
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  6. BurnPyro

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    grab 'em real good
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  7. Lushiris

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    Tonight we repose on the bosoms of FREEDOM!
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  8. newsbuff

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    More like Thirsty Mire amirite?
  9. NevrGonaGivUup

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    Does anyone have the original vampyre art?
  10. BurnPyro

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    Good 'ol CorpsE's avatar with the cowboy hat

    those were the days
  11. newsbuff

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    Rip in Peace
  12. darklord48

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    When was it changed?
  13. Lushiris

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    What about Deep Elf Scout? Was there anything NSFW in there?
  14. Dagda

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    original broodqueen was topless
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  15. BurnPyro

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    oh god yes
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  16. SPiEkY

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    Nah, she just got a hair color change, for whatever reason

    Edit: wait. I'm thinking of DE Merc, nvm
  17. Phynixe

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    That body, that rack, them curves. I'd let her claw my back any day.
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  18. OriginalG1

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    [​IMG]"hiss.." (jiggle jiggle)
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  19. yuore

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    Nefari messenger ? ;)
  20. newsbuff

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    One of my greatest threads
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