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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BurnPyro, Jun 22, 2019.

  1. BurnPyro

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    (Steam Client)

    And holy is this one poor new UI. A list of things that have already come to mind:

    • can't view revealed runes properly anymore, the hover is poor info wise
      • can't see upgrade levels during hover (regeneration 1/2/3??)
    • seemingly second delay when quickly cycling through champs
      • You have champ #1 selected. You click champ #2 and hover over a tile to move to, and it will give you the pathing for champ #1 for a second, completely throwing you off
    • no way to click spells or runes that are played in the combat log
    • seeming lag all over the client of .5 seconds for every action you want tot take, feels generally unresponsive
    • the chat box stops you from clicking on half the screen. Why? Let me click through it
    • Top inch of the screen is dead and you cannot select champs/paths/anything. Haha

    Will add more as I go, feel free to feedback me on my feedback
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  2. xaznsoulx

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    Good to see an old face.
  3. JazzMan1221

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    The trick is to not notice the massive flaws. If you can do that, then it's a 10/10 game.

    Also SL sucks and is stinky. IS rulez.
  4. darklord48

    darklord48 Forum Royalty

    The feedback is pointless, there's no one from DOG around anymore. Good to see you back.
  5. BurnPyro

    BurnPyro Forum Royalty

    Were changes properly implemented when they were around then?

    I jest, sup
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  6. Capitulator

    Capitulator I need me some PIE!

    I for one like seeing the feedback. At least there's a record of things that need to be avoided when putting together a UI.
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  7. Thbigchief

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    - Basically the cardinal rule for UI... make sure communication and information transfer is functional and user friendly. Something glactically flawed with poxnora... can't communicate with other players effectively, can't get critical information about screen feedback in any reasonable time or at all.
  8. Bondman007

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    Isn't critiquing this game kinda like giving suggestions to your dead friend to lay off the alcohol?

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