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    I spent a stupid amount of time on Toukiden : Kiwami in the last couple of days. Dynasty Warriors power animu Monster Hunter. It's pretty cool. All the MonHun without the annoying parts (paintball run around, sharpening, meat for stam etc).

    Don't get the PC port though because the masterraces were complaing about their precious frames and being an all-around bad port. It plays more than fine on Ps4 (and 30% off this week if you have PS+).

    Yeah it's not EXACTLY Monster Hunter but between the shitty 3DS controls and dual analogs on a 50 inch tv... I'll take the animu bootleg any day. DLC ARMOR SETS GO KOEI!
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    Anybody wanna tell me how ESO turned our? Only game recently that I even considered trying.

    That and the Witcher 3

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    No, just no. I got into the Beta, an it just wasn't Elder Scrolls. I mean it looks, and feels fantastic for a MMO, but it's just not ES. (This is coming from someone who dislikes MMOs a lot.)

    I'd tell you to watch some of the more recent gameplay vids on YouTube, and use USEP to keep track of all the stuff they're doing to the game. Alternatively you might find a Twitch Stream, or someone here actively plays to give you better information than I can.

    Edit: UESP, not USEP. ;)
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    I hate mmos a lot too, so ill take your word for it. If it sucks it sucks, I like skyrim too much to see the next game I the series add shame to it. Mmos are too grindy and crowded for my liking
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    Had no problem with the controls.
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    Bad controls? Man the whole game rests on the controls. I mean that's the whole point. If you didn't get a good experience with those the "reveal" must have suck...

    Shame, it was one of the greatest moment of 2013.
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    If my gamepad had worked, the controls would have been great, but I couldn't map Right Ctrl to activate the younger brother. Even with control difficulties, I think it was amazing.

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    Infested Planet is on sale for $4.94 USD on steam right now. If your a strategy gamer that loves excessive difficulty curves; I suggest you try it.

    • Very simple game
    • Adaptive AI
    • Easy to use/learn Hotkey grouping
    • Lots of bug gore

    The DLC is also discounted, but it's not mandatory for the game. It does however give you access to more weapons, and give the AI a further difficulty curve. On second thought, get it too.
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  10. Chemical22

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    A handful of my ultimate favourites:

    Baldur's Gate 1 and 2: PC
    - RPG. Turn based.

    Divinity - Original Sin: Steam
    - RPG. Turn based. A modern Baldur's Gate.

    Fallout 3: PS3
    Skyrim: PS3

    - RPG. Everyone knows these ones :)

    Disgaea (any are good): Ps3, Ps2
    Fun, Anime style. A leveler's dream! Level characters, items, weapons, boards, abilities, etc...

    Culdcept Saga: Xbox 360
    - Monopoly meets Magic

    X-Com - Enemy Unknown: Xbox 360
    - Turn based strategy. As mentioned all over here.
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    Oh boy, video games. <3

    I guess ill just list a few of my favourites for various consoles, off top of my head.

    Heroes of Might and Magic series
    Fallout series
    Elder Scrolls: Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim
    Final Fantasty series (Im a huge fan) After 10-2 though FF died for me.
    Baldurs Gates & Icewind Dales
    Diablo 2
    Dynasty Warriors series
    Warcraft 3
    Planescape: Torment
    Age of Empires series
    Legend of the Dragoon
    R Type series
    Command and Conquer series
    KKND Krossfire
    SSX 2&3
    Grandia 1

    Used to play tons of older RPGs and JRPGs like Suikoden, Vandal Hearts, Legend of the Dragoon, Grandia and Breath of fire. Anything i could find in the local video store.

    When i was a kid i used to play a ton of Sega Megadrive and then Playstation games. Moved onto PC games as i got older. Diablo 2 was probably my first proper online game experience. Was a great game, played with a few real life friends.

    Favourite older games off top of my head would be things like Streets of Rage 2, Alien Storm, Sonic 2, Worms, Golden Axe, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat.

    Genre is usually what draws me to a game, but i also look online now before hand to see if its something id like. Nostalgia also draws me in.

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    Fight the Dragon!
    RPG, Hack and Slash, Co-op (Optional) (Haven't done the Co-op, so I can't speak for it.) It's got a slight cartoon look to the graphics. Simple, but deep combat. (I'd suggest you alter the difficulty setting for more difficult, and fight on the extreme maps. It's not a difficult game by far. Everything scales, so there's no worry about liking a map you find, and wanting to do it on a different character. The map is on a grid. The first 9 squares next to your starting one, should be made by 3 Sprockets. (Devs) It's to get you acclimated to the game. After those, any square you select loads a map for that square (semi permanently) you can select how random the map is, or just let it surprise you. (There is literally a 'surprise me' option.)

    Website: Fight the Dragon!
    Gameplay: Link (View the first Vid) (Yeah, I got lazy on finding a vid.)
    Steam: Link
    My collected Information so far:


    Objective: Kill a dragon. Barring that, harm it enough to get loot.

    • Level: The character level cap is currently 60.
    • Strength: Increases weapon damage.
    • Defense: Reduces damage taken.
    • Endurance: Increases stamina.
      • Don't upgrade this except for equipment requirements. It only gives 1 point. There is a way to get +5 Stamina points at a time. Will talk about this later.
    • Luck: Loot Rarity, Drop rates, Damage
      • You can find 'farming gear' with high luck, so don't upgrade this except for gear requirements.
      • Loot Rarity: Higher chance for better gear.
      • Drop Rates: Affects Gear, and Potions.
      • Damage: It doesn't increase damage per say. Basically if you have a sword that does 8-13 damage, it makes the sword lean towards the 13 end of the damage spectrum.
    Summary: Upgrade Strength, and Defense regularly. Only upgrade Endurance, and Luck when needed for gear. (Or you could, just, ya know, use a different armor piece...)

    All classes have access to swords, axes and clubs together with a shield. Each class also has access to class specific weapons. If you equip a class specific weapon; it will replace your secondary ability with a new ability unique to that weapon.
    • The Fighter: Greatswords, Hammers, Spears and Throwing-Hatches.
    • The Fire Lord: Staffs, Tomes, Wands and Crystals.
    • The Ice Wizard: Staffs, Tomes, Wands and Crystals.
    • The Rogue: Shurikens, Crossbows, Spears, Daggers and Shortswords.

    Loot Shrine
    The Loot Shrine is where you can store your items, trade them between characters, and let you make donations for rewards. The rewards you receive are locked by tiers, with each tier - Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum - requiring more gold than the last. You can donate your spare items for their gold worth, or donate your gold directly. The possible rewards include:+1 stat point, +5hp, +5 stamina, +1 inventory slot, items of varying rarity, and more.

    Special Notes:
    • The +1 Stat point is lovely.
    • You cannot increase your hp except by leveling. So the +5hp gains here really help for the squishier classes.
    • It would require 5 levels of you putting points into Endurance for you to gain +5 stamina. It's far better to get it here, letting you put those points elsewhere. I'll say it again. Don't put points into stamina unless it's for an item requirement. Even still, you could just wear something else...
    • Your secondary ability cost 55 stamina to activate. You start with 100 stamina. It is advised you take the +5 stamina reward - at least twice - so you can use your secondary ability two times without waiting for stamina to regenerate.
    • Inventory Slots are potentially a good early investment. The more stuff you can carry, the more you can donate for faster rewards.
    • When making your decision, you can choose an item. However; this is a bad idea as it will tell you the rarity and type of item you're choosing, but it will not tell you the stats before hand. So it could very well end up being an item you can't use yet, or even for the wrong class. If you choose not use the feature to trade items between characters; this reward can work against you.



    The Fighter
    • Passive Generates 1% Rage/sec if hp<50%
    • Secondary: With a shield equipped, you swing it forward creating a shockwave. If used next to an enemy, that enemy takes damage, and is momentary stunned. Enemies behind the target take reduced damage.
    Skills: (Not the actual names of the abilities)
    1. Fus Ro Dah: (Cost: 25%) Generates a blast-cone that pushes enemies back, and deals damage. *
    2. Vacoom: (Cost: 50%) The fighter jumps into the air pulling enemies beneath him. After a time, he will land dealing lightning damage in a small AoE, and knock enemies back. **
    3. Whirlwind: (Cost: 75%) The fighter rotates multiple times and causes damage with every spin.
    4. Berserk: (Cost: 100%) You gain double damage and the ability move faster, but can't pick up or swap weapons.
    At level 1, only your first skill is unlocked. You gain another skill at levels 5/10/15.

    The Fire Lord (My character is called Ozai ;))
    • Passive: -50% damage from falling in Lava
    • Secondary: You will place a crystal on the ground that acts like a proximity mine. It will explode dealing damage in a small AoE when an enemy get in range, or after ~7 seconds.
    Skills: (Not the actual names of the abilities)
    1. Fissure: (Cost: 25%) Opens a fissure in the ground dealing fire damage, and setting enemies on fire.
    2. Fire Ring: (Cost: 50%) The Fire Lord smashes into the ground and pushes away all surrounding enemies over a great distance.
    3. Fire Breath: (Cost: 75%) The Fire Lord breathes fire in one direction for a couple of seconds, causing significant damage.
    4. Meteor Fall: (Cost: 100%) Causes multiple Meteors to fall dealing massive amounts of damage in small AoEs.
    At level 1, only your first skill is unlocked. You gain another skill at levels 5/10/15.

    The Ice Lord
    • Passive: Regenerates 1hp/sec while in water.
    • Secondary: Creates a shield that absorbs the next hit on the Ice Wizard, and deals damage when it explodes. Lasts ~7 seconds.
    Skills: (Not the actual names of the abilities)
    1. Freeze: (Cost: 25%) Freezes surrounding enemies for ~5 seconds.
    2. Blizzard: (Cost: 50%) The Ice Wizard will spin in a circle releasing small snow-like particles in an AoE around himself. Enemies hit by these particles will take damage. If multiple particles hit an enemy, they will be frozen for ~5 seconds.
    3. Frost Breath: (Cost: 75%) The Ice Wizard breathes ice, freezing enemies and causing damage in a small cone in-front of himself.
    4. Hailstrom: (Cost: 100%) Creates a rain of icicles which cause dramatic damage to those who are hit. ***
    At level 1, only your first skill is unlocked. You gain another skill at levels 5/10/15.

    The 'Black' Rogue
    • Passive: Sprinting, and Dodging cost 25% less Stamina. (Didn't actually have to type this one, wow...)
    • Secondary: The Rogue will throw a grenade that deals damage in a small AoE. Will explode on contact with an enemy.
      • Special Note: The ability is a bit disappointing. Fire Bombs thrown by enemies, and enemies who explode on death deal damage, releasing a cloud of red embers. The embers deal fire damage, and set you fire for some DoT. The Grenade thrown by the Rogue emits these embers also, but they deal no extra damage nor set enemies on fire. The grenade only deals damage on the explosion. Like I said, disappointing.
    Skills: (Not the actual names of the abilities)
    1. Cloak: (Cost: 25%) The Rogue will go invisible for ~5 seconds. The first blow landed on an enemy while stealth will deal 300% damage, and case you to destealth.
    2. Thunder Rod: (Cost: 50%) The Rogue places a staff on the floor causing Shock damage -which stuns enemies- in a small AoE for ~5 seconds.
    3. Dagger Throw: (Cost: 75%) The Rogue roots himself in place, and spins throwing daggers, that deal damage, and poison the enemy.
    4. Slam: (Cost: 100%) The Rogue will slam into the ground, dealing damage and stunning enemies in a small AoE.
    At level 1, only your first skill is unlocked. You gain another skill at levels 5/10/15.

    Special Notes:
    * (Not really a Fus-Ro-Dah. It's more of a blast of air from slapping your hands together. Similar to the thunderclap move the Hulk does.)
    ** (Had a little trouble naming this, but it sucks up stuff, and I have issues saying Vacuum. I say it like Vacoom. So it fits.)
    ***(Yeah, I made a portmanteau of 'hail' and 'malestrom'. Deal with it. :cool:)
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    fallen enchantress or sorcerer king?

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    Depends. Right now tho, neither.

    Fallen Enchantress is no longer supported. Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes was a DLC for the original game, but it's basically become FE V2.0, fixing most if the issues, and bugs with the first, with additional content. If you want go FE:LH.

    Sorcerer King is so new right now. I'd wait a bit regardless of the gameplay just for cost, or a sale. It's almost rather close to steams fall sale. So you might wait a bit. It's new so you can only expect -20%, but it's better than nothing.

    You'd be better off with Warlock: Master of the Arcane, or Age of Wonders for now.

    Something I'd suggest you look into would be Eador Genesis, and Eador Masters of the Broken World. The former is the old school version, the later is the newer one. Both are punishing, and a good play.
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  15. Ragic

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    I'm burnt out on warlock and age of wonders and galactic civ. saw eador, it didn't reach out and grab me visually. That's usually not a good sign.

    now if I could just find a game that had warlock gameplay with age of wonders graphics and gal civ 2's diplomacy layer. id be happy.
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    Just waiting for No Man's Sky like "..."
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    Master of Magic. I like it old-school.
  18. Ragic

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    Old school tbs for me would be Gemfire on my Sega Genesis.
  19. Sokolov

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    That Fight the Dragon looks pretty neat.
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    It had better. Took me close to 4 hours to put that together.

    I got it in a steam sale for $2.99 USD. Not quite sure I'd say it's worth the $14.99 atm, but it's defiantly fun. If I get bored, I load up the game for an hour or so.
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