Weekly Faction Discussions #1 - IS Faction Bonus

Discussion in 'Ironfist Stronghold' started by Markoth, Jan 28, 2015.

  1. Markoth

    Markoth Lord Inquisitor

    With the recent attention to Faction bonuses I thought now would be a good time to discuss our own. How do you think it stacks up against other factions? What are its pros and cons? If the bonus was to be changed in any way what would you want the new bonus to be?

    To get us started what would you think of it was changed to something like:

    FF Bonus: At the beginning of each of your turns, your champions gain a Buffer of 2 HP to a maximum of 8 HP.
    Split Bonus: At the beginning of each of your turns, your champions gain a Buffer of 1 HP to a maximum of 6 HP.

    Thoughts and other ideas?
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  2. Thbigchief

    Thbigchief I need me some PIE!

    - Hard to code but I'd like it to be more like.

    FF Bonus : Friendly real champions take 4 less damage from non-champion based damage.
    Split Bonus : Friendly real champions take 2 less damage from non-champion based damage.

    - Spells would hit us harder but relics, equipment and terrain damage would hurt us less.
  3. Markoth

    Markoth Lord Inquisitor

    That would be cool. How would it work with DoTs?
  4. Rapidice

    Rapidice I need me some PIE!

    I like the idea presented in Axe's thread.
    FF: Friendly champions receive X less damage from AoE effects.
    This way, it promotes the phalanx IS is known for, but leaves room to counterplay with single target damage spells.
  5. Pedeguerra

    Pedeguerra I need me some PIE!

    I think your bonus is fine, to be completely honest. I cant say how much I dread getting my Ice Storms doing 3DMG vs you guys. You might not feel it as much, but its there and its powerful.
    Also I dont like your suggestion, maily because its stepping on the toes of ST bonus.
    Just my 2 cents. Carry on.
    Chiefs suggestions is good.
  6. JazzMan1221

    JazzMan1221 Better-Known Member

    Personally, I feel like our faction bonus has a diminishing effect the higher in rank you go. Good players will use damaging spells much less than inexperienced players, and some may even include fewer than 2 damaging spells in their decks. Generally this is because utility spells such as Mobi, Whispers of the Mind, and Protection are valued more than pure damage. This being the case, I don't feel that our faction bonus appeals to IS's entire playerbase, and really only benefits us if our opponent is spending lots of nora on AOEs, in which case they are doing themselves harm anyway due to the inefficiency of spell spamming.

    I do, however, like the flavor of our bonus as a defensive, phalanx-based boon that favors tough, efficient frontliners. Markoth's buffer idea, and the idea Rapidice mentioned from Axe's thread are good attempts at redefining our bonus. How about something like the following:

    FF: The first 12 damage dealt to champions you own each turn is prevented, divided evenly among them (with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 per champion).
    Split: The first 8 damage dealt to champions you own each turn is prevented, divided evenly among them (with a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 4 per champion).

    Similar to the buffer idea, but with the potential to have increased effect in the early game where IS struggles after the font bonus change. This new bonus favors both aggressive play and defensive play, allowing the user to be flexible with how bold their initial deploying will be. Restrictive deploying will let the user benefit most from the bonus, while at the same time forcing them to hold back deploying units, while deploying en mass will give the user a numbers advantage but decrease the effectiveness of the bonus. As far as how the bonus scales into mid-late game, I still feel it will be impactful when the time comes to engage in full-on fighting, as the extra toughness it provides will give the IS player an edge (small though it may be, remember that a 1 HP unit hits just as hard as a full HP unit, and this bonus can mean the difference between life and death).

    The numbers may be up for debate of course. What do you all think?
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  7. Markoth

    Markoth Lord Inquisitor

    When I was playing with the numbers earlier I actually intended to use it as a suggestion for ST. I personally feel it is more thematic for you guys but ended up just posting it here to kick off the discussion. If thre is a discussion about STs bonus feel free to use it.

    I actually like this one a lot. It's weaker against large AoEs but has more use during regular gameplay. Not sure if it begins to encroach upon SLs bonus though.

    This very well may be the best proposition and has been around for a while but that just proves that it is a good option.
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  8. JaceDragon

    JaceDragon I need me some PIE!

    Some people say that our current font bonus is weak, so we need a more impact faction bonusto compensate. I was of this opinion. But after few games i feel fine with our font bonus. Is not the strongest, but it's very usefull imho.

    Your was a good idea Mark, so basically it's a -2dmg every our turn, which is good. But what about a higher cap like 10-12 but this trigger only if your unit wasn't damaged the turn before?
  9. Cydna

    Cydna Forum Royalty

    10-6 = 3....

    That's the second time that's happened.o_O
  10. Thbigchief

    Thbigchief I need me some PIE!

    - Again, hard to code..because if the DoT was champ based nothing.
  11. Baskitkase

    Baskitkase Forum Royalty

    I like our bonus. If I was going to change anything I'd add "and relics".

    If you change it you'll miss it.
  12. JaceDragon

    JaceDragon I need me some PIE!

    I agree with you. And is something i called years ago. Or in a bit different form just few month ago in Axe's council chamber
  13. Wraith

    Wraith Administrator Octopi

    IS faction bonus seems to me to be one of those cases where something feels like it doesn't exist when you use it, but is very annoying when you're playing against it. That could be either a point of view issue or suboptimal design.

    Good to hear! Playing against it, it really forces different thinking when contesting vs IS, which is pretty cool.
  14. Cydna

    Cydna Forum Royalty

    I'm so happy I don't have to worry about illusions or summons contesting my font anymore.

    P.S. Moles ratted you out, give me back my trumpet noise.
  15. JaceDragon

    JaceDragon I need me some PIE!

    But not for every factions. See SP, SP does AoE dmg only via relic, and this hurt IS a lot.
    Our bonus should be for relic too, maybe not 6, maybe 4, but for relics too. (thing like scouring jasper will not be affected because it gives a dot)

    Edit: And i mean:
    -6 dmg from spells
    -4 dmg from relics
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  16. Dresnar20365988

    Dresnar20365988 Devotee of the Blood Owl

    Moles what about the games your opponent runs 0 runes affected by the IS bonus? Its very common in some factions. SP and FS for example run 0 or 1 rune in their meta decks affected by the bonus.

    I really don't see the harm in altering the bonus to affect all aoe sources of damage. That is what the bonus was intended, new mechanics were added but the bonus wasn't updated. Now that we have a weaker overall font bonus its time to update FF bonus to include all AOE dmg to include relics, bombs, cones, ect.
  17. Cydna

    Cydna Forum Royalty

    That's not even Moles bro r u high?
  18. Markoth

    Markoth Lord Inquisitor

    That is Wraith. Jeez Dresnar you cant just go around telling green people they all look the same.
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  19. Dresnar20365988

    Dresnar20365988 Devotee of the Blood Owl

    They DO look all the same!
  20. Markoth

    Markoth Lord Inquisitor

    Except Liqu

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