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    you can't have him. he's OURS.
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    I typically do not respond to general questions such as this... but I'll try. The "end game" is going to have several milestones. It might go something like:
    1. Renewable Energy (RE) will be unachievable, realistically. 1925 and before.
    2. 30's Renewable Energy is a realistic idea and manifests itself in wind generator Note: idea purchased by GE for $650 or something silly, steam, geothermal, hydroelectric (Hoover Dam) etcT
    3. Mid 30's Threat of energy availability becomes real as natural gas shortages + winters happen. Note: We are still not giving any shits about climate.
    4. 40s and 50s, Nuclear Energy evolves. 50's and 60's it starts get alot of hate due to environmental hazards.
    5. Late 60's and 70's, Solar and Wind are the new thing. This is when renewable starts being marketed as Earth-friendly, mostly to gain public favor for spending lots of dollars on it.
    6. Solar and Wind show their capacity constraints (they do not create enough energy for the amount of space they take up to be effectively replicated)
    7. Chernobyl and Exxon Valdeez in mid/late 80s combine to reignite RE even more.
    8. 80s-Present, Oil is king, data is available about Earth-health and oil finality
    9. 80's - Present - all the new types of energy are getting funded as well, Hydrogen etc... I can't recall them all.
    10. 90's - I think the first electric car came out the year I graduated high school (1997), but it bombed, obviously.
    11. 2000's - Limits start on carbon footprints
    12. 2008ish - best thing Obama did for energy was invest in the INFRASTRUCTURE and things like ernergy savings on the individual side. I remember someone coming to my house and putting in all new florescent blubs for free, due to some grant circa 2010.
    13. RE is now a thing, in full, and the people with money think they can make money off of it so they are in on it to, including US Gov, China Gov, etc. Going Green is marketable to corporations, zero emissions is achievable.
    14. Future - no more fossil fuels and/or they are more expensive to obtain (oil in Siberia) than renewable energy.

    So wtf do priorities matter? Please explain? You can see here, and forgive me if any of the above is incorrect, I'm just going off the top of my head, but this is a machine. The energy machine will do what is necessary to supply energy to the demand for energy. It will evolve in a capacity that allows it to continue to fullfil the demand despite finite reserves, IE, renewables become the norm.

    It's not tied to the betterment of mother earth. This hole history is about supply and demand, effectiveness and profitability.

    So there are no priorities, but if I had to say something, I'd say continue to invest in our energy grid and promote practices that save energy, as a govt. invest in alternate energy, but at the same time invest in building a better light bulb, something that could be replicated accross the country/globe. Build a better toaster, build a better battery etc. Find ways to use less energy. You must also realize that this paragraph is complete bullshit. Thats why I said climate change is an unrealistic topic. No one gives a Bane Shift who has the power or money to change, and everyone doesn't give a shit as a whole, or they'd vote someone in with the power to change and even if they did, it wouldn't matter, because more power and more money would stop the movement.
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    you left out shale and fraking and untapped oil reserves and any sort of realistic estimate of how long our oil will last, the potential of nuclear with better waste management and finally the philosophy that necessity is the mother of invention (and motivation). think of the energy it took to go to the moon. why did we do that? it will take an enormous investment in energy (and money) to get off this planet and it will probably take an environmental crisis to motivate us to do it.

    living sustainably violates the laws of thermodynamics. we aren't meant to live sustainably. life is a desperate expenditure of energy to achieve something greater before you die. the earth is nothing more than an egg whose sole purpose is to give the human species enough energy to break free of it. you climate changers think youre taking the long view? I say youre thinking small.
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    this is complete nonsense.
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    All it takes is one asteroid and all your green living is wasted. Humans need to expand and colonize, not limit themselves. History backs me up, and it's your utopian theory crafting that's nonsense.
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    The laws of thermodynamics apply to closed systems. As a planet, we are constantly gaining energy from the sun, so we don't live in a closed system. As a result, it is possible to live sustainably.

    While we will need to leave the earth eventually, it probably won't be necessary until the sun burns out and explodes. Humanity is so versatile and resilient now that we could survive an extinction level disaster.
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    living with a zero sum mentality wont motivate us to make the kind of investment it will take to get off the planet. our children need to be raised to believe they are masters of the universe. because if they don't believe it they wont achieve it. we aren't going to outlive this planet caring about our carbon footprint. and personally id like us to get off of here while we have the resources to do it. some part of the human race might survive an asteroid hit (or a plague or a solar flare or nuclear war etc etc), but they would be knocked back into the stone age and be even more vulnerable. its not an acceptable risk.
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    @NevrGonaGivUup look man... don't waste your energy.

    again, as you have been told before, spouting illogical nonsense based on faulty data is not helping you convince me...
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    you believe the climate will melt the ice caps in your lifetime. don't preach to me about faulty data. and the human race being at risk of extinction from an asteroid is hardly illogical. again im basing my opinion on history, not on some touchy feely pipe dream of how humans aught to live. plz get your head out of the sand and face reality. its embarrassing how badly your hippie parents and commie teachers have brainwashed you. you should be sentient enough to snap yourselves out of it after experiencing real life.
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    bit too obvious but you look hungry you little troll you :D.

    I never told you what I believe I am just telling you that the chance of wandering planetoids in trajectories that bring them into a possible colision with earth significantly decreases over time by a lot.

    how do you plan to go into space if you run out of an enviroment humans can survive in before then?
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    I like this cartoon so here.

    But also, its incredibly ambitious to think we have the time to leave the earth and set up a self sustained colony IMO. We are still a long way off that, and need to at least buy time to leave. Interesting fact, if we drilled out all the oil wells and burnt that fuel we would already exceed the 1.5C cap we are trying to implement.

    You really make me mad @Ragic . Condemning future generations and millions of people to terrible fates because you are too stupid, ignorant, and stubborn to accept that we are truly firking up our planet, and that we need to change. Now.

    Actually, no. It would be far better if you were just ignorant, instead you see the facts and choose to ignore them. Despicable.
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    see im actually engaged in the debate and have the balls to take a side. whose the troll here?
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    it's not really a debate when your arguments are nonsense, and I know nonsense cartwheeled chameleons.
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    How does the sand taste?
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    like you, salty.

    which is one of the issues since loss of arable land to increased salinity in areas subject to flooding causes enviromental immigration, increasing strain on the remainder.
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    The premise of your cartoon is that there is no cost to the global warming agenda. That's a lie. you make me even madder condemning the entire human species to extinction because you'd rather stick it to big industry with your leftist agenda rather than having the courage to live large and dream big.
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    *Oil companies transfer another million into bank acount* "LEFTIST AGENDA PAID FOR BY GREEN INDUSTRY MONEY! GLOBAL WARMING IS A HOAX" Ragic: * slurp* * slurp* "Oh yes, tell me more! tell me about those dirty green industries and aaaaaalll the money they haaaaaave"

    of course there is a price, but if the choice is between paying 10 now or a 1000 later we want to go with the first and you seem to think the latter is better.
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    Please cut Californians off from the rest of the normal people in the United States. The majority of California is illegals and the others are hollywood freaks. Does California not understand that if they aren't apart of the United States we have no reason to defend them from foreign powers or anyone for that matter ? Looks like we should build that wall around California first.
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    Hey now, Northern CA is pretty normal
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