As an IS main: Sarcastic post or hard truths from a vet?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anotherblackman, Feb 25, 2021.

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    My man you were on top for a very brief period 8 years ago, that doesnt validate your arguments. It also DOES NOT help IS or buff its runes. I think the fact that you were on top for that brief period ((with a small margin)) 8 years ago speaks to how broken IS was back then more so than your skill. I dont think you understand that all this shows was that the only time you were able to ''break the internet'' was when IS as completely disgustingly broken.

    Its been 8 years since you took that photo mate, free up some computer space and move on with your life. Come back to the game or dont but do yourself a favour and move on :)
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    When are you all going to remember that you can't back this guy down with a post? Just leave it alone and move to arguing in better threads.
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    I'm late to the party but I'd like to chime in here.

    First, I never thought there would be a post or really anything that would make me sympathetic to Iajab, but here we are. At least for the initial post, there was something of merit to be discussed.

    I agree that faction and rune identity are pretty terrible right now. There are few, if any, recent changes that have stood out to me as "positive." When I try making a deck now (I sometimes do for nostalgia's sake) nothing feels exciting or interesting. I think there are a lot more runes now that are unplayable or just feel terrible to play than there are runes that are decent to good in a specific deck.

    Second, Iajab was a decent player. However, he was always fervently defending and advocating for IS even when it was top tier but despite that, we shouldn't just entirely dismiss his points. That being said, IS was a very strong faction for a long time (idk about now).

    I also agree that people in the "council" had no idea what they were doing and the people in charge of KF were especially misguided imo. The whole community has hated on KF for as long as I can remember regardless of how strong the faction was in the meta. Which is incredibly bizarre to me considering ST has literally been the best since who knows when. I don't really know what else to say about this besides the everyday mid/low-elo players who happen to be vocal have way too much influence on the direction and balance of the game.

    Btw, Vortex has never been 2x. I ran it 1x and a lot of other players like tiny almost never ran it. It was only included because there were runes that you literally could not deal with any other way or to mega rush. But during that time Dwarven Excavator was a thing and was literally the best rune in the game so idk about complaining about rushing.
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    I agree with whoever this is
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  5. Karmavore


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    Thank you. For real. I was beginning to think the “new poxnora way” had taken over. Anyone from Those eras will agree with you n Balla. The game got the life vacuum sucked out of it, and they didn’t even bother to change the bag.

    And Respect to Balla. He might have been me with SP, but dammit he made me respect it until my faction was trashed, and our game were jokes. I used to need spell swallower on deck for that stupid SP distract spell at all time, detection for rock traps, and you always had Atleast 1 avalanche and would run not just 1 but 2 echo chambers in 80% of decks, and you would keep a cleansing gem always managing to draw it early so I could never feel safe hammerstriking you.

    Zorbot, I remember you. You at your most dangerous, iicrc... you would play Split. I recall you having a strong Ud/KF deck, and a strong as hell UD/ST. Turning their high cost of ST into well timed retribution’s and sacrifice. You always kept a nora advantage so I remember trying to half ass play you, while high or drunk(90% of me playing...) and if I didn’t focus... it was an Issue.

    The game back then, each person you played had habits, you almost could tell which units he would go for first, And what units/spells/support units they favored.

    There isn’t any “room” for that anymore. If you are playing anything trying to create anything new, it will either be nerfed, or removed.
    Like they put leap and lethargic on Moga cannon, and nerfed lumbering and lethargic for that... and also made a DAY 1 mechanism (Not actually intended) flying+ lumbering/lethargic. If they had Made every unit that was vulnerable to something “impossible” to gain immunity to their vuln, guess what... all of Incorperal wouldn’t have had to been nerfed because of a limited edition ghost and a equipment... but they didn’t. They cherry picked the best and worst Bane Shift to change while leaving Bane Shift inconsistent in their choices for changes. You could easily tell who was keeping those changes from happening and how those changes were inconsistent with the nature of other nerfs. And what really pissed me off and still does to this day, is everyone was actually acting like the dying game was “better”

    Yeah sure. If all 50 of you say so.
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    Game had most variety after the Gedden revamp, been saying this for years, people hated that revamp but every theme was playable in some way and every faction had crazy op runes.
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    Hey, we went from


    That's a 25% increase.
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    If we are going to be fair about the playerbase, this thread has the truth.
    and the truth says that 134 players played at least 28 games in the last period, roughly a match per day, 192 players played atleast 10 games and 277 at least 1.
    Considering that I played 36 games in the same period and that's a similar count to other regulars, it's fair to say that 1 game a day is a more than valid cut.
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    Hey we gotta be honest right? The top 50 are so good in this game now so I gotta give all of them credit for playing. You gotta be top 50 finally by now just for “staying”. You can’t possibly still be mediocre At this mediocre game.
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    Except, after 15 years of playing it, I still am.
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    Don’t worry bout it, if I recall you always had very informative feedback from the lower dregs. Your opinions always reminded me
    That there weren’t just elitist players like burn pyro, who just played meta sweaty decks, but people like you, who like me, just enjoyed playing the decks they made. I recall playing you multiple times. I actually had to think against you, which I can safely say I didn’t have to on many people.
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    I agree with having 0 respect for top 50. As I improve as a player, I'm actually am having less respect for what it takes to rank in top 10 honestly. VERY grindy, and you will constantly lose to players worse than you but drawing 1 bs rune that invalidates the position you've strategically created. And creating strategic positions WHILE minimizing risk takes a VERY long time if you play FW, which makes it even more infuriating and less commendable as a talent / achievement.

    Most players are so bad they don't even take serious considerations of minimizing risk into their decks anyways tho, mainly because balance, but more importantly GAMEPLAY DESIGN, is bad.
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    Iajab was rank 1 on a weekend 8 years ago, and nothing in life has ever quite lived up to that moment.

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    Not even MaxCyrus reaching #1?
  16. BurnPyro

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    My man saw an opportunity and ran with it in a single day. Big respect.
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    I've been around since release, and I can assure you, your name wasn't up there for long. So, all this "I was ranked 1 for X" is irrelevant, especially as it pertains to balancing. TinyDragon is an amazing player, but would he have a sense of balance? Possibly, and possibly not. You PEAKING at rank 1, as I did under a different name, does not make you special. Nor does it make you a balance guru. You barely held top 10 for long before dropping, and I have a very accurate memory. You're not all you make yourself out to be. You're good, but not good enough to hold Rank 1 for long. If anything, you could hold it a week after a rank reset before dropping.

    Now that that's out of the way, there are certain arguments that I wholeheartedly agree with you. One of my favorite themes was paladins, and they're simply not the same. I hate the changes to Talgar. I hate the changes to Euan. I hate the changes to literally the entire paladin concept. I can't deny, though, that they are balanced now. However, you fail to remember, almost everything has changed, not just IS. Apart from aquatics, for example, FS was always a trashy faction. Whether you like it or not, IS was always better than FS OUTSIDE of semi-aquatics. FS is arguably the most powerful faction now. That's just to give you an idea of how much has changed.

    How do you think I feel about skywings being changed? Or myx? That's what I hit rank 1 with. Granted, skywings were beyond broken. But, you don't see me coming out here suggesting to add Blitz back to skywing's passive JUST because they have an aggressive playstyle (revolving around your argument about how IS as a whole WAS played), or suggesting to break things just because you simply can't handle the state of the current game.

    People say you're a zealot because that's what you are. If you truly cared about the game's balance, you'd also look into other factions and see what needs buffing, rather than looking at what needs nerfing. A zealot is an individual that cares about powering his or her faction up without limitations, and thus far, it's what you have showed.

    Furthermore, @Etherielin is doing his absolute best to balance with the resources he has available, which are extremely limited. He has also been taking suggestions from the pox community that's currently active. Now, with every person who plays this game, there will always be a sense of bias. Will he show bias to certain themes or factions? Probably. But that's human nature. Just as you're biased with your direction for IS, anyone balancing this game will also carry that same bias.

    My favorite part about all of this is you're arguing "based on paper". Play the game. ACTUALLY play the game and see what needs to be changed before making ANY suggestions. And I don't mean just play one game. I mean ACTUALLY play the game to at least half of how good you used to be, AND THEN make suggestions. You're in absolutely no position to propose changes of ANY sorts when you're not even contributing to the activity of the community.

    Lastly, gitgood, giteducated, and gitTFout if you're going to come out here with a god complex claiming you're the Bane Shift when you're literally forum dwelling garbage.
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    REKT M8. 360 NO SCOPE . ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    So I actually downloaded poxnora on my PS4 and I got so much runes it’s crazy that they are all worthless

    this was my experience playing with a faction I played with for 8 years:

    1 made a paladin deck. Failed miserably vs ST legendary trial aka you know if your deck is meta if it can defeat ST with range, and HUGE HP and Damage along with auras, ice on the map, and my favorite, the lack of time for setup, which is what I used to always practice on IS.

    made a dwarf deck. Failed again. Warcry is trash. Most dwarves are trash over costed support units. Best dwarf is warsaint hands down nora for Nora which is pathetic. A ton of units have “attacks” and they aren’t even designed for damage like nora miner who obviously is sandbagged because IS nora gen OP, yet KF bear kept nora gen on Him lol... I wonder who overlooked that (KF council ofc). There was no hope for dwarves at all.

    played birds/beast whatever deck. This is proof the game is trying to “force” me to play a deck and not create one. This deck has so many outlets, not just for Birds, but for flying in general. Is IS/ST flying decks a thing cause Jesus man, the for a faction with 0 efficient flying runes, this deck has perhaps the best spell designs and cost for spells in out of any IS themes. I don’t get how CTE is 35 nora... and all the spells in this deck are either lower, or far more effective than “5 hp at the start of your turn and cleanse for a niche group of people” this out of all the iterations of dwarves, was the least trash, but it still trash cause scarlet wing has 41 hp and 5 max while JaK elder , Queen and Shardmaster showed me that IS, outside of mortar crew has a huge ranged tempo problem.

    speaking of CTE, that was the next deck I tried... it was beyond pathetic, like almost hairpulling toxic bad. Like jeeez you could tell who hated playing against these decks, everyone. Cause there is nothing left. Angel of mercy? Destroyed. Aspect of Divinity? Trash pile. Then she has “improve range and improve blah” and class priest which is just a slap in the face to the faction design of this theme compared to a ton of others. Angel of protection, Good luck deploying anything to keep her alive with 3-4 range.

    Then I played Constructs, which were the hardest deck to setup, by far, but it’s middle performance was a huge step up from the trash I had gotten together before. From the draws, to the units actually being able to take damage, along with the Mason ability being 1 CD(uh oh soon to be destroyed also cause I Said it here!) make it so your units actually survive long enough for you to consider a repair, or a champion deploy. The support units of this deck though are insanely over costed and it shows, plainly on paper.

    Then I played the final deck before I threw in the towel, which was a Leoss Deck. I used to enjoy playing a FF IS leoss deck, however seeing as IS as a Fullfaction is laughable in its current state, I made it a IS ST.
    That being said, IS most viable theme isn’t even an IS theme. It’s like saying Kanen is SP most viable theme, or Tortuns are the most Viable KF theme... it don’t work like that... this is a split deck. It Requires runes from ST( like aluir concord) to even work so no it’s not a IS theme, it’s a split deck.

    Split deck preferences aside, This deck, was actually so remnant of OLD SKOOL IS that I was taken aback. Let me explain in detail for anyone who gives a Bane Shift, ya know like a game designer.

    Pilgrimage: I’m actually surprised this rune is actually still 25 nora. If I was playing this game it would be 30-35 if not 40. This spell is really really good on like 7 different leoss, including the warriors and monks since they can block on their allies every two rounds. That means if you have an empathy unit out( which is included in this theme as a wildcard) you can gain heal champion super fast. Seeing as there is absolutely no healing in Leoss outside of the 85 nora COMBAT RUNE, spell is beyond useful useful on:

    Leoss Monk
    Leoss magnate
    Jangar architect
    Leoss Camradire unit( due to heal potion and cheap cost)
    Bloodmane ravager

    Desperate heal: This spell got wrecked because Healing in IS was thrashed beyond belief, so we went back to the release days due to no more shine scry spamming. And boom, it’s healing was reduced and it’s cost was increased, which is kinda intense to show how much IS is not allowed effective efficient healing in any of its themes, however in Leoss it’s actually a very powerful spell. This is entirely due to the jangar Architect. You cast desperate heal 2-4 times in a game you usually are about to suicide. If you are playing leoss, you are playing desperate heal 1-3 times over the course of your game, usually the final being that last push cause one of your pilgrimage units got wrecked or something. So with access to regeneration and Desperate heal alone make this rune able to keep the Powerhouses of damage in the game. This is actually how IS used to play, on paper in all of its themes at its core, it’s a shame to see it gone outside of FF as a whole. Jangar Architect can heal your shine back to full and your champions full and gain multi attack, while being a soul unit for Leoss. This is the unit that is going to get destroyed because it is the Only thing holding this deck together in an efficient manner, especially if you are stalling and they are attacking your shrine.

    Unbending force: Leoss are high cost units that are pure power houses that lack efficiency. When you deploy a leoss, your goal is to get him get him to be worthwhile for your opponent to : Use a spell, or Kill multiple champions over the course of its lifespan. The goal is to use about 250-350 worth of nora to find a way to overcome about 450-550 worth of champions/spell, ect over the course of you playing. If that 250-350 isn’t worth it at all, then you lose due to fonts, map control, multiple battle fronts ect when it comes to expensive decks. The difference between the 250-350 here and the IS decks is that when you deploy a leoss, they have to potential to easily lead to a kill, without hoop jumping. You deploy a monk, warriors, and inch them along via AP generation. The beauty about a spell like Unbending force now is the clause “if this unit is 80 nora it isn’t destroyed. “Which is huge! They don’t heal and they don’t die. They dump all they can Into a leoss and it’s met with “nice try bro” and a dead champion usually. I’d say more but “I’m Not as good as I think I am”

    aluir concord: It’s going to get nerfed because I mention it here. Cause of reasons, like IS isn’t allowed to be good and if JaB plays it it must be nerfed. Wont go into detail but I know about 95% of the player base that ever existed didn’t know this rune existed because everytime I played it.

    The deck itself is very strong and it somehow has a “average champion cost of 60” which compared to all other decks Is about 1-5 nora cheaper, which means that The most efficient IS deck, that plays and feels like IS, isn’t even in IS.

    and if you think I’m BS, record a game with you playing against ST legendary Trial as IS. If you can win vs that deck with anything in IS let me know, cause there isn’t any way to overcome BS of that level, which if we are to be honest, is at every Meta deck in the game. I haven’t tried Grintmaw/rock deck yet however their damage is so low, HP pools have been destroyed, I know for a fact that star shine ain’t the same as Dampen, and it’s pathetic that it got removed from the theme outside a super expensive relic that gets destroyed when you play a meta champion. They will be next.
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  20. Anotherblackman

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    did you even read the post? I posted all my finding of playing theme trash that is IS.
    I’m not trying anything anymore the game is broken. And I’m not gonna download this trash to my PC if I can’t even play the game with the circa 150$ I spent back in the day. I feel ripped off spending that alone.

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