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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Senshu, Jan 20, 2015.

  1. Senshu

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    that KF list was pretty short

    someone want to give some cliff notes?

    edit: i'm sure that most of the problems were handled in the upper part that was longer
  3. kalasle

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    First thing noted: a lot of off-ranged attacks, such as bombs and throw attacks, are having their cooldowns increased. Most sources of ranged damage that aren't basic attacks are going to be on at least a 3 turn cooldown. This is a notable design shift, and should change the power dynamic around several champions.

    Going to give notes from the whole thing, just reading straight through.
  4. Senshu

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    Many abilities had their nora costs adjusted so some of the faction specific changes may be a little more subtle.
  5. Cydna

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    First Edit: Why couldn't this be done alphabetically ?

    Second Edit: Ouch to Grintmaw Shawman losing Dampen, don't forget about the relic Heartstone.
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  6. Senshu

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  7. chickenpox2

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    KF got 2 faes!
    I'm curious why Web was romoved?
  8. Senshu

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    That's nothing check out what FS got ;)
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    figured, but wanted someone to confirm. I don't really know KF abilities all too well since i'm a UD zealot
  10. chickenpox2

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  11. Molosse

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    Seeing some Griffons abound is nice, expectantly looking at my IS/KF archers and seeing how/if it's changed.
  12. Skeezick

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    skeezick alchemist deeper in shoeox than ever before
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  13. kalasle

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    Web seems to be removed to consolidate all those abilities into a single source. Much cleaner.

    Dusk Creeper is now (likely) unplayable or only a 1x outside of worms.

    FW received buffs to Elsari Reaper and Gravewatcher, everything else is minor.
  14. Jib

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    Hawk Attack got nurfed
    AA got Pariah and the good ol -1 errthing
    Bard lost Improve damage
    Stratego lost teleport aka the upgrade you didn't need to take anyway
  15. chickenpox2

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    I still think he not bad
    I would run Improve range and fading light
  16. Netherzen

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    Great to see elsari reaper and experimental warspirit get some buffs,also surge:cursed looks like a really strong ability for witches.
  17. Sokolov

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    Note that things weren't targeted for buffs specifically. This was mostly a nerf and cost alignment patch (still work to do on the latter).

    There was also a lot of ability consolidation (again, on-going task), some of which may have been missed in the notes.
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  18. kalasle

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    Bliss is absolutely insane now. Acolyte + Enlightened. Going to be excited to see that.
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  19. xezno

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    WOW! Impressive amount of changes! Insane amount of changes really.

    Stuff I really liked seeing:
    New Public Decks: Replaced the 17 existing Public Decks with 24 new static decks.
    Removed the Old Axillium and Forglar Swamp maps from ranked play
    Relics and champions not from the runedock should be Summoned, not Spawned (this is an on-going change as we catch all instances of this)

    Fairy Flight
    Description: This unit has Flying and 2 ranks of Sentry while it has at least 15 HP. When this unit has less than 15 HP, it gains Defenseless.

    Nora Cost decrease (-7)

    Distichous: KF/FW
    Nora Cost decrease (-6)

    Desert Walker
    Nora Cost decrease (-6)

    Skeezick Warcry AND Regen both got cost decreases!!!

    Cannot wait to try out so many old runes with all the changes now, let alone all the new stuff!
  20. Cydna

    Cydna Forum Royalty

    What is going to happen to Heartstone?

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