The guild of Your dreams :) {Rage Of Kthir}

Discussion in 'Guilds' started by nepyonisdead, Apr 23, 2015.

  1. nepyonisdead

    nepyonisdead I need me some PIE!

    Hello lads :)

    As you can tell by the title I am a big fan of inter-guild activities and good communities :)

    Rage of Kthir wants you!!!
    1) It doesnt matter what faction you play
    2) It doesnt matter if u are new or a veteran

    All that matters is that u wanna have a good time and enjoy good company
    I am planning loads of tourneys for players of different levels (dw rules will be made so its fair for everyone)
    so dont wait up and apply now or PM me in game and join our family.

    Looking forward to seeing u all :)
    Nepy Out
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