The Power of ST versus TinyDragon

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Elric, Oct 1, 2017.

  1. Elric

    Elric I need me some PIE!

    In comparing the two, it seems that ST seems to win.

    As of this moment, if you take a look at the last 30 games, Tiny has played, he has only lost to 3 players. All of them were playing ST or an ST split.

    With the superb ST font bonus along with extremely powerful champs like K'ento, it seems that the only way to challenge Tiny is to play ST.
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  2. super71

    super71 I need me some PIE!

    Tiny dragons works as a part of the poxnora team always has
  3. kalasle

    kalasle Forum Royalty

    He had a small losing streak a couple days ago to a variety of factions -- me with FW, cabelobr with FS, vampiro85 with SL (I think, or SL/UD). "Tiny's last 30 games" isn't a very long period time, considering two whole pages of matches come from just the last two days.
  4. nepyonisdead

    nepyonisdead I need me some PIE!

    Also a Huge portion of the real veteran players are currently taking a time off, so I urge you not to take the run now vs the rookies a representative :) Tiny is a great player but he has his flaws and ST isnt all that powerful anymore when compared to many splits these days.
  5. davre

    davre The Benevolent Technofascist

  6. GoldTiger

    GoldTiger I need me some PIE!

    I don't doubt most BGs could beat tiny atm since imo his IS BG is quite poor as a result of IS being rather poor.
  7. Agirgis1

    Agirgis1 Forum Royalty

    I played against tiny few days ago, I'm very rusty but I still gave him a fight due to mistakes happening on both sides.

    There was a time when the games were ended on 1 mistake, not who made more.

    The lack of competition leaves everyone out of practice imo
    No one can be at their prime atm, cuz you're not being punished for every mistake by top level play anymore.
  8. MrBadguy

    MrBadguy Guest

    This. It's also hard to get some practice with these queue times and people not joining unranked matches
  9. MrBadguy

    MrBadguy Guest

    More on topic, ST will forever remain a top tier faction because devs have historically refused to acknowledge the bonus exists and don't consider it for balance purposes.
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  10. kalasle

    kalasle Forum Royalty

    Just play ranked you ninny. The points don't matter, and most importantly, you actually get a good pool of random maps.
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  11. Elric

    Elric I need me some PIE!

    Good point! Thanks for your input! It's strange though that Sokolov wouldn't acknowledge the bonus.
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  12. TinyDragon

    TinyDragon Lord of KF

    To be honest I had to change into a weaker bg to make the game more challenging. My KF can easily destroy ST.
  13. Bondman007

    Bondman007 I need me some PIE!

    I figured you had done this. Seeing the BG's you've used recently seems like you are challenging yourself more than your competition is...
    BTW, please post your KF BG please :p
  14. MaruXV

    MaruXV Corgi Lord of FW

    and go play some tournament matches ;)
  15. sWeNibor

    sWeNibor I need me some PIE!

    The Next Poxnora UNWRAPPED episode :D
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  16. Bondman007

    Bondman007 I need me some PIE!

    Ha, I've asked @TinyDragon to do one of the first ones but he blew me off like the peon I am... :eek:
    But maybe he'll come around!

    For the record, I would have loved to have done one with @Ballballer, but I don't think he was any good at the game then...:D
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  17. DiCEM0nEY

    DiCEM0nEY I need me some PIE!

    Celestial spear call down aoe is bs.
  18. Elric

    Elric I need me some PIE!

    Tiny, how come you don't bring out your best deck when playing vs DragonSlayer1 as he's killing you with his ST-split deck? He might even overtake your #1 ranking because of the amount of points he is farming from you. That would just be wrong as you deserve the #1 spot!
  19. DiCEM0nEY

    DiCEM0nEY I need me some PIE!

    Tiny wants a challenger to his title
  20. nepyonisdead

    nepyonisdead I need me some PIE!

    As someone who knows dragonslayer personally, I can say that he respects tiny and is under no illusion that he is better than tiny. He just enjoys the competition and just happens to have had one hell of a teacher in this game.

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