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  1. Legato

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    What are they? Not sure where to find this info.

    Planning to play with some friends, ideally jump in and have at it but from the wording, it doesn't seem like you can skip the tutorial and just do it later if you want the rewards.

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    @Senshu (He'll noticed in 10-12 hours when he get on.)

    Sorry I'm unable to assist you more.
  3. Burcho

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    you can skip the tutorial: If you press escape; you can elect to skip the tutorial

    rewards in total:
    14 core runes (common to legendary are possible)
    4000 gold (enough to buy a pack)
    1 guardian of the sarnghave bg
    1 public bg of faction of choice

    complete tutorial, walkthrough, beginner campaign/training match, story campaign/unranked match, skirmish/ranked match, enter marketplace and daily quest

    */* there are two paths, one pve one pvp.
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    That pretty much covers everything. Thanks @Burcho!

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