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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bondman007, Jul 22, 2018.

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    What the heck, wanted to make the 400th post! :D
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    - this also is starting to have a heroes of might and magic feel which is ok if we went to a AutoChess style... which is actually a sky rocketing genre now.
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    Been a while since i said anything here, nice to see that some pox works are coming up, well, with games like Shardbound and duelyst around, the turn by turn grid TCC games are expanding. Just that none of them has ever caught my eye with the art, style and overall feel of the game like pox, if a modern version drops, i'll be willing to drop some dough.
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    Edit: Ok I have fully understood what's going on.

    Hello! Can someone tell me briefly what is the current status of this project to revive Pox Nora? Is this for real? I've joined the discord server and looked around: It seems like something is being developed. Can it be tested in anyway?

    I would love to be of some help in this. I think one of the many problems of Pox Nora is that the only language available is English. There are many potential players in Spanish-speaking countries who (and I know it in good faith, because some have told me personally) have not gotten hooked by the game because of the added difficulty of translating what they read, as if its learning curve wasn't steep enough. Not everyone's English level allows to be comfortable as it requires constant and focused reading.

    That said, I'd be happy to help translate the game from a to z in an altruistic way. Thanks for reading and long life to Pox Nora!
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