Compendium of Beginner Tools. (Last updated: 11.01.2022) [UP TO DATE]

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    I'd appreciate it if one of the mods stickies this thread. @Dagda @Markoth @darklord48 as it's going to be a link repository.

    I've noticed that a lot of people are unsure where to search for information so I decided to create this thread as a repository that redirects them to the tools they need. I'll try to update this over time to make it prettier but for now it'll be just links.

    [​IMG]PoxNora's Basic Concepts[​IMG]

    Kalasle's Zen Rules of Pox:

    Kalasle's Introduction to and Recommendation of Factions:

    Moles' Getting Started Guide (gold-spending part is outdated):

    Gabriel's Deck Guidelines:

    Current Rank Rotation:

    [​IMG]PoxNora's Starter Decks and Gaining Income[​IMG]

    Etherielin's Themed Decks Content:

    Burcho's List of Daily and Heroic Quests:

    Etherielin's List of Special Campaigns:

    Gabriel's Walkthrough Decks content and Beginner-friendly decks:

    [​IMG] PoxNora's Utility Tools[​IMG]

    NewsBuff's Mass Sharder:

    TakeItOver's PoxList (currently down):

    Capitulator's Offline version of PoxList:

    Decondor's PoxBox (DEFUNCT AS OF 02.02.2018):

    Poxpoints' tradestore:

    Poxpoints' mass trade in:

    PoxPoints' Runemaker:

    Poxala's Deckbuilder:

    This thread will stay up to date and contents will be added in the future.
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    Updated! Now has @Capitulator 's offline version of PoxList!
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    Updated with links to @Poxpoints latest tools.
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    Updated with @GabrielQ beginner-friendly thread.

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