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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by H3II, Jul 2, 2016.

  1. H3II

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    After being so frustrated with the sharding process (especially with champs cuz i don't want to shard CPed champs) I decided to write down a script that does it for me.

    Been using it so i thought i will give it a user interface and share it with you guys so you can use it if you needed to.

    Nothing special just a sharder for your runes with filters to control faction, rarity, reserve, 0 CP, and type.

    I have limited it to 20 runes per run in order to avoid script execution time limits. I think i will upgrade it to 30.

    It requires your pox credentials because it actually interfaces with the poxnora website on your behalf.

    here's the interface:
    options 2.PNG

    And here's how the result looks like


    You can access it on :

    Feel free to use it / test it.

    Cheers :D
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  2. Gnomes

    Gnomes Forum Royalty

    Thats nice. But one already exsits from players we trust. Giving account details and stuff to a new player is not a good idea.

    But this sharder looks really nice and prestine. Good work!
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  3. H3II

    H3II The King of Potatoes

    I totally understand the trust issue. I actually expected players using it (if they did) with test alt accounts that would hold shards.

    I did not know that one existed lol otherwise i would've used it. o_O

    All i wanted is to share it with you guys and get your feedback :)
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  4. yobanchi

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    Why the only 20 shards per run? In either case, no offense, but I will not be giving my password or account information to a third party, even to that other sharder that is out there which doesn't work on a mac.

    I find it very telling that the sharding is so frustrating that you have people in the community actually devoting time and effort to make one.
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  5. H3II

    H3II The King of Potatoes

    Sharding process is frustrating especially after a while when u have CP on your champs.

    I know it's not good to share your account information with any kind of third party. In fact i was going to make it a trading app to which you trade your runes and receive a forged rune for the same forging value (i.e: 20 commons for a sharding value of 4 each, and receive a rare with a forging value of 80). That would have been the only way players won't have to provide their details. But such a project requires a lot of work.. not being lazy but i don't know if ppl even need such a thing. I know i did lol

    For each sharding execution the app communicates with poxnora website and awaits response. this takes execution time. I limited to 20 so it won't stay still for too long and the script might stop due to exceeding exe time. I think it is safe to go 30 runes.

    Again guys, just wanted to share what i created and am using to shard. I have not linked the current app to a database. If you were to use it, i suggest playing around with a test/alt/empty account for peace of mind :)
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  6. yobanchi

    yobanchi I need me some PIE!

    Definitely like the layout and may try an alt account although I believe there is a waiting period for trading so blah. Even so the number of extra runes I have is astounding so my hopes are still in Pox having an in house option that isn't unmanageable.
  7. Boozha

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    DOG should host this tool so people wouldn't have to give their data to 3rd party people, but it looks pretty damn slick.
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  8. horrible

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    Really? Where? I need this!
  9. Gnomes

    Gnomes Forum Royalty

    @newsbuff @Poxpoints

    think they are the ones who made it. cant find the link anymore for it though.

    aah i found it, it was from poxbros!
  10. newsbuff

    newsbuff Forum Royalty

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    IMAGIRL Forum Royalty

    @newsbuff Mind doing us a solid and perusing through his code. See if anything might be malicious. Not saying it is, but I'm sure some users would like a piece of mind before they use it.
  12. newsbuff

    newsbuff Forum Royalty

    all his code is server-side, so, no, I can't inspect it. I can only see his markup language and some simple utility javascript for checking the controls. I would stake my account on betting that this is not an elaborate ruse to steal runes, though. Just common sense.
    Yes, that's complained about, addressed, and fixed in the thread links I posted. It was sharding CP'd runes at one point and nobody PM'd me to tell me. Eventually I saw the post and fixed it. Should be fine now
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  13. newsbuff

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    treat yoself
  14. H3II

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    I actually searched the forum before using the terms "auto sahrder, auto sacrifice" but came back with nothing.
    I kept digging and found the post where PoxBrothers introduced the "auto - trade". It mentioned the mass sharder but a big discussion about trust took over and it got the mass sharder topic lost.

    Either ways, I am running on Mac and i've been told that it doesnt work on iOs.

    Regardless, I ended up doign my own script to save my time.

    Now i understand everybody's concern about account security. I really do. This is why i am asking any tester to test with an alt account just to give us all teh peace of mined :)

    @newsbuff I actually was inspired by your app idea. I didnt see the app but you made be believe that such a thing is achievable through interfacing with the poxnora website ... Thanks man :)
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  15. Bondman007

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    What's all this talk about PS4? How'd I miss that? Where is the discussion?
    Stupid taking breaks from the game...sheesh
  16. darklord48

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  17. dugadu8

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    OMG I CANT BELİVE THİS :D Some on make for this app. Like me (0__0)/ Thank you sooo much
  18. devilsrath

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  19. newsbuff

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    Hilarious that Mass Shard is still being hosted on Sodexo's servers, that's an old job I worked at years ago, a Food Service company!
  20. elvenbl4de

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    And we thank you for your service!.... and theres lol

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