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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ballballer, Jul 4, 2018.

  1. Ballballer

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    This game actually meant a lot to me throughout all the years I've played it (I even talked about it in my law school applications). I honestly used to dream about Poxnora in my sleep. In a way, it played a huge part in my development and growing up into a (relative) adult.

    This is a thread honoring those memories that truly meant something to you in Poxnora. They can be funny stories, odes to long-lost companions, epic matchups, or really anything you'd like.
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  2. calisk

    calisk I need me some PIE!

    funny stories?

    hmmmm.....hash was quite the joke.....does that count?

    tbh the day hash quit for me was the start of pox dieing, but i have my own reasons for wanting him around as I i'll get to's never been about the game for me, it's about the characters that played within it.

    the banter, the chatter, the sh!t talk, etc. losing players like Hash, who were infinitely entertaining to talk to in game ruined things day by day.

    I remember winning a game against Ryv, simply by saying GG. now at the time I didn't really get the social etiquette expected of saying such a thing, I simply knew he had me beat with a certain move and said GG expecting him to finish me. I didn't expect him to entirely stop playing and let me get a come back.....he was pissed over that one.

    In my head it was like he had me in check one move from check mate.

    I remember another game against Goldmonkee at his prime back when slow stacked, our last real game before he quit and became rusty as hell, one of my favorites really, st vs st, nothing really special we were just on our A games and the match went for nearly 2 hours almost complete stalemate.

    for what it's worth Goldmonkee was the king of ST when I started playing and thus at the time was always the player I wished to dethrone and was always the player I was compared to, so to me every game against him had more meaning than most others.

    Another story I've told a lot to many other players is Hash is literally responsible for me becoming anything in pox lol.

    when I started out with pox I had a shitty snow rhea rush deck modeled off of ravager rush, players weren't really ready t handle it so I won quite a few games with it and suddenly started to earn a reputation, then players adapted and I started to get crushed, nothing special there I wasn't really taking pox serious and was just fooling around with it.

    then after one ass kicking by some nobody I don't really remember probably tiny for all I know hash started bashing me in PM with Bane Shift like "remember when you were good" and Bane Shift like that, which pissed me off at the time, so I got more serious about the game an began to crush him in the coming weeks with the entire goal being to make him cry about ST(A habit I still enjoy with other players to this day), had hash not been an ass clown like usual I'd probably of just dropped pox a long time ago for something else
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  3. Jib

    Jib Better-Known Member

    Hey, remember when Premium players (yes, that was a thing) beta tested expansions for a couple of weeks before release? With the dedicated forum and everything. Man that was a glorious s#it show that I'll never forget. The one before Dawn of Elements was particularly spicy. Warcharged did nothing wrong.

    Since I spent more time on the forums than in-game, that community we had during the Pox golden age (and that period will be different depending who you ask) was something I never seen replicated anywhere since. When SL and IS players had a real rivalry going. When everything you just lost to was OP**. When champ builds were actually discussed and not set in stone. Yeah those were the times.

    Oh and that one time I beat Axe using IS I guess...

    **Ok that never really changed but whatever
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  4. PoxBot

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    I remember that one time Moga were the most cancerous deck until Necromoga dethroned them but it was cool because it was still more or less just moga and cyclops nemesis PWNing everything. Moga have yet to reach this level but probably for the better.
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  5. Ballballer

    Ballballer Chief Antagonist

    Nah, after one revamp you could field 5 (maybe 4) ghern with surge 2, moga recruiter had surge 2, moga aviator had surge 2, and all moga got cost decreases while every other champ in the game got more or less brought into line. I lost my very first game with them (bc I didn't know what anything did after revamp) and then went on like an 80ish game win streak before demanding that gedden/sok nerf the Firk out of them. You'd have like 8 champs running around with 30+damage and they all were diiiirt cheap.
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  6. JazzMan1221

    JazzMan1221 Better-Known Member

    I remember when I was first learning the game and starting to really get into it, I used to watch Sepulcher's videos all the time. I learned a ton from watching him play and listening to him talk about deck building strategies and nora management and stuff. I think this was back around the Dawn of Elements expansion, but don't quote me on that.

    Anyway, I remember PMing him in game once asking to join NWO, and that's where I really started loving this game. The guild was quite lively back then, usually around 10-15 people on at once during peak hours. Of course there was a generous helping of clowning around and asshattery (anyone remember CryFar?), which made the game so much more fun.

    I was playing a lot of FW when I first started; I remember reading a description of each faction on the homepage, and noticed a footnote that said FW is best played by advanced players. Naturally I decided to pick it up, and ended up getting my ass handed to me in most games.

    By the time I switched to IS as my main faction, I was already well acquainted with Markoth and Baskitkase from NWO, and I started watching them closely to try and emulate their style. Of course for most of my Pox career I was more known for my eccentric and oddball rune choices and deckbuilding (influenced heavily by watching iPox). Back when the shoebox was a thing, I deliberately always selected a few runes that everyone else considered trash and played them in my decks just because I wanted to go against the crowd.

    I was always trying to be a hipster like that, but I guess it eventually paid off, because I managed to break into the top 100 while playing a fully "shoebox" deck. This was back when rank actually meant something because the game had a lot more players, so I was pretty proud of that. Incidentally, that was around the time my love for Broken Bones was realized. He didn't used to have Split; just a basic attack, Boon of the Undead, and a sub-30 nora cost, but I loved how efficient and underestimated he was even then.

    Lobby chat drama was also another high point I remember. I used to laugh my ass off whenever Hashinshin or Dresnar lost and raged in lobby afterwards. I remember I always had a friendly rivalry with WarFoot/Pedeguerra, and even thought I never managed to beat him (*cough* ST spell spam OP), the games were always enlightening and entertaining.

    Then there was that one time, a little later into my Pox career, where I hosted the first ever Shoebox Tournament, where the entries could only play using specifically designated shoebox runes. It was unbalanced as hell, because SL got to use Destroyers, and FS got Muck Dragons, etc. (apparently beefy meat walls wreck face in such a format), but it got a lot of publicity at the time, and the greens (the devs, for you young'ins) even offered a prize pool. I'm pretty sure Dagda ended up winning, the dirty lizard that he is.

    Oh yeah, and the IS vs. SL rivalry was always fun, especially on the old forums. BurnPyro, Jib, Comissar, or Luvadata would randomly pop into the IS forums and start a ruckus, and of course we Dwarves had to put them in their place. :p

    Good times all around, and there's a ton of stuff I missed because my memory isn't what it used to be. Nothing can stay the same forever I suppose, but knowing that doesn't make it suck any less......
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  7. PoxBot

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    Yeah, but there were other disgusting combos out. DoW moga were hyperdominant even in a very competitive environment with 300-500 plus online players any time. Post revamp Pox was hardly as competitive due to the diluted talent pool.
  8. Jib

    Jib Better-Known Member

    Let's say that people's definition of shoebox runes was fast and loose during this. Wasn't Sunderpede in that thing as well?
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  9. Karmavore


    The days when the shoebox was a literal shoebox in the rune manager...
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  10. JazzMan1221

    JazzMan1221 Better-Known Member

    Nah, I knew 'Pede was OP even then. He would have never made it through.

    UD got Goblin Archer though, which a lot of people complained about. Trouble was without him, UD decks wouldn't have a single ranged unit (unless you counted Deep Elf Temptress's 2-3 range).
  11. SPiEkY

    SPiEkY King of Jesters

    I miss when the forums were an extension of the main site, not a separate one.
  12. Markoth

    Markoth Lord Inquisitor

    I like like 20 min from him :p
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  13. Paper Skull

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    This game was huge for me way back in the day, loved every ounce of it and still do. I'd love to play or work on something similar someday.

    First memory of Pox is forsaking FS to main SP because I got a G'hern Tyrant in my first pack.

    My favorite memory was right after some big update or another, and the way that buffs worked out, my SP/UD beast deck turned into a top tier deck overnight. I ended up beating TinyDragon in a game, it was a big deal for me since I never play super competitively.

    I also got my name in some flavor text on Depths of Despair:
    "I have no need to cut you deep. This wound will never heal, the pain will never end. For you, there is no rest. For you there is no peace. When you finally die, all you will hear is my name. - Curse of the Paper Skull"

    Damn, I miss this game.
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  14. MovnTarget

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    This is a mildly depressing thread.

    One thing I liked most about this game was that I had as much fun, if not more so, watching games and talking about them with folks in the local or guild chat as I did playing matches.
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  15. SPiEkY

    SPiEkY King of Jesters

    I remember always watching guildies' games and shittalking them the whole way through.

    Also, forcing Sep to ignore his guild tab because he's recording and we're being ridiculous.
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  16. JazzMan1221

    JazzMan1221 Better-Known Member

    Oh right, I totally forgot you guys are all close to each other. Wasn't Ragic his Chemistry prof too or something? And how's hobbes doing lately? Didn't you two used to work together, or was that Baskit?
  17. Karmavore


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  18. Axeraiser

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    F uuuuu
  19. Agirgis1

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    Life lesson in living in the moment, I always played pox like I'd get to play forever, taking breaks because I was "burned out"/"sick of the game"

    I took this game for granted when it was actually a good game a couple of years ago, I should have actually enjoyed playing the gift I was playing, rather than obsessing over winning/losing.
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  20. Karmavore


    I think a lot of us did my friend. But at the very least we got to enjoy the game at it's peaks, and all helped this Firking amazing game thrive. It helped us through the hardest of times, unknowingly or not. This community was a beautiful thing, and really helped me out through periods of turmoil in my life. It was always a place of refuge for me, and even if logging on caused additional stress after getting my ass handed to me by some better players. I always could come back and talk to my friends and feel better again.

    I've always been a type of introvert, not by choice exactly.. but I found a large portion of people in the real world are out to use you in any way possible and have shitty intentions. Of course this isn't true for everyone out there, but in my experience it's a lot of people... coming here was different I met some of the most amazing indviduals, with brilliant minds, for the game and just in life in general. I'm forever greatful for this wonderful game and this amazing community. Each and every one of us made this game what it is today, or I guess once was...

    You guys are family. Even people like MW24, or MMRV in a really ****ed up kinda way. I love you all.
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